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Dble Haul 07-27-2002 09:41 PM

Marabou shrimp
This is the pattern developed by Randall Kaufmann. The only difference here is that I use ice chenille instead of diamond braid for the body.

Hook: size 4 or 6
Thread: 6/0
Eyes: nickel real eyes
Body: ice chenille
Wing: Depends on color of pattern, but always a layer of white marabou first, then the pattern color marabou, then a pair of grizzly hackles

The brown fly on the left is tied sparse, while the pink fly on the right is tied full. This pattern will also go into the warmwater archives because it's good for smallmouths.

(Please see image in next post.)

Dble Haul 07-29-2002 09:07 PM

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Here's the image from a reliable source (my hard drive!).

Nick 07-30-2002 06:49 AM


Here's the image from a reliable source (my hard drive!).
Careful don't want to jinx that!:devil:

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