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RiverGal 06-24-2002 07:44 PM

Overdue Hello
Been reading threads for a while now. So, I figured it was time to pop in here and say hi. I am farely new to fishing(2-3 years), and am still dependent on using my spinning rod/reel :rolleyes: I am in the process of learning how to use a fly and spey rod. I am slowly but surely catching on:) and having a lot of fun. So far I have been fishing the rivers in the chehalis system and Oly. Pen. for salmon and steelhead.

I look forward to sharing in threads and learning as much as possible.


juro 06-25-2002 06:39 AM

Welcome RiverGal! You'll definitely find a few helpful folks in this community.

I used to live in the Seattle area myself (12 years) and fished the Chehalis system and OP quite extensively, boy I miss it. The upper Wynochee is one of my favorites, Satsop, the Hump, the upper Skookumchuck, or even caught steelhead right at the mouth in the park where it hits the Chehalis. And the Olypen is something else; the Hoh, Sol Duc, wow I am ready to go back!

Then there's the saltchuck, when the coho get going it's just a total kick on a flyrod. There is a rumor that there will be a hooknose conclave at Sekiu or Neah Bay this fall... still just a rumor...

In any case, it's great to have you here and WELCOME!

striblue 06-25-2002 07:08 AM

A welcome from me will find the forum a great resourse with a bunch of friendly people.

fredaevans 06-25-2002 12:06 PM

"RG," now for the good news.
As has been noted, a considerable number of the fellows live in your immediate area. And, it's about time we get a fresh approach to the views of 'crotchety old men.' :D ) Well except for Ryan and ExtrmBkr; their 'crotchety,' just not 'old men.'

Several very active members of the board are in your immediate area; when you deside to take the 'spey plundge' lessons will be the least of your problems.

As said above: "Welcome A-Board!"

Doublespey 06-25-2002 01:13 PM

Welcome, RiverGal

Lots going on here, as well as past posts that will help you get comfortable with the spey rod and flies.

Hey - you don't happen to know a guy named Jerry do you??:devil: He fishes the Chehalis system and OP rivers a lot too. Floats 'em in his monster blue Cata-Barge!:)

Anyway, nice to have you on the Forum!


RiverGal 06-25-2002 02:21 PM

Thanks for the welcome. Doublespey>yes I know Jerry(SH69). I am usually the front seat passenger on his monster cat ;) anytime he hits the river in it.


fredaevans 06-25-2002 02:36 PM

Gal in the 'front seat.'
Then you must be the lady that Jerry has had many pleasent things to say about in several of his posts. A welcome addition to the board.

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