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dansteelieman 06-22-2002 12:33 PM

Summer Skam Outing details
Hello again,

Ok, I have been researching the run latley and the fish are conjugating along some of the pierheads between Southhaven and the St. Joe area as of right now. Some anglers are catching fish at Berrain Springs dam, but there is only a small amount of fish. Remember, any rain can push the fish up or keep them close to the mouths awaiting for a spate. If we get a west wind that pushes colder water near shore, the run may be later? A east wind can also be crucial since it may bring warmer water out, pushing fish in the shallower water. This can be the opposite as well. The outing is being planned right now, and we are shooting for the 2nd or 3rd weekend of July, if conditions are right. I am hoping to host it on the Dowagiac River since it is easier wading than the larger st. joe where a boat is necessary. Any smaller rivers as well might be included. I am also looking for lodging options, whether it be a hotel or campsite? Please keep informed and voice opinions....this will come up fast.

What you'll need....

Patterns: Get those flies tied! Concentrate on flourescent pinks, oranges, greens, and chartruese for streamers and speys. Always have something black in your box as well. If you have any topwater wakers or bombers bring them along, you never know what you might encounter. Patterns tied on saltwater hooks or nickle plated salmon/steelhead hooks are best. Also, it is wise to have a few smelt/alweive baitfish streamers as well for the surf. If you need help with pattern selection please email me.

Tackle: It is best to have a few rods as well, just in cast. A long(9ft. and up) 7wt, 8wt, or 9wt fly rod is ideal, either single handed or double handed rod would be fine. Spey fishing enables longer drifts and allows repeated casting and might be a wise choice for the surf. Carry heavy tippets and leaders(#8, 10, 12lb.) because you'll need it. Reels with a smooth drag are helpful, and one that is a workhorse is not a bad idea. If you have spare spools bring them, because carrying a few different lines is essential. If you plan on fishing the surf an intermediate or sink tip line is best. In the rivers you have several options. You can swing speys and streamers with a sink tip or sinking line, or skate dries with a floating line.

Gear: It probably will be hot, and therfore light clothing is best. Brethable waders are nice, but I might just wet wade if it is warm enough. A vest or chest pack is handy, and you can hold all of your gear easily. Also, raingear is helpful too. If you have a cooler then please bring it. A camera would be handy ff you want to take pics of your fish. You will find that you can get hot easily, and a refreshing drink may be necessary. :hehe: Also, if we decide to camp, please bring the right equipment. I am not sure about food yet, but maybe if I bring a small grill or if we can get ahold of one we can barbecue. If we stay at a hotel, then we will find different options.

I guess that is it for now. Drop me an email at if you want to attend or want some more details. Also, for future outings you can stay updated by joining a online club at

I hope everything turns out good!:

pmflyfisher 06-24-2002 07:34 PM


I think I will need MS to show me how to get them to come up for drys. Thats a dream of mine I doubt will ever be fulfilled. Beleive the conditions and fish have to almost perfect for this to happen in the great lakes.

Have you ever seen you caught on a dry or had a rise ?


dansteelieman 06-24-2002 10:30 PM

Yes and NO....saw them rise, never got one yet!

They will do it, you have to get them away from the school!

pmflyfisher 06-25-2002 06:53 AM


Yes beleive they will do it under the perfect scenario but it is a low probability endevor to use only a dry fly presentation all day for them. I keep a few skater types with me mainly muddlers if that scenarios presents it self. I imagine MS could put us into scenarios with a better proabaility of success.

For me it is mainly streamers, nymphs, and speys on the sink tip spey set up. Sometimes I think I should change my cyber name to DREDGE or NYMPHER something like that. Been nymphing for 42 years now! :whoa:


dansteelieman 06-28-2002 09:44 AM

Its a go....
Its a go for the second weekend of July if all goes as planned.

Please send me an email at so I can add you to the list and find out who is coming!:p

dansteelieman 07-03-2002 11:47 AM

what we need!
WE NEED RAIN, RAIN, RAIN!:mad: :mad: :rolleyes: :confused:

pmflyfisher 07-03-2002 05:09 PM


My car temperature gauge was reading 96 degrees on the way home today in Chicago. Any steelies that are in the river are almost cooked already. When I was there last Friday water temp was 80 degrees and the air was 82. It is probably in the upper 80s now. Lake surface temps are mid 70s last time I looked in south lake michigan. Looks like high 80 to 90 degree temps will remain at least through this weekend.

July is not looking good, hope fully it will be a cool august and they will come in early with the salmon.

Have a family comittment next weekend so will not be able to make it down you should still give it a try.


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