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Brad 06-05-2002 08:53 AM

Green Again
Here is another Green river report. Read newbie's report below for the scenery, it really is beautiful. We started at little hole and walked up about 2-3 miles to get away from the crowds. Took about 5 fish on midges and scuds then went searching for risers. I found a pool with a crusing fish that I worked for about an hour before a shadow fell on the pool and he started to rise right along the shadow line. He ate a gnat on 7X and turned out to be a beautiful 15 inch cutt. That was the best fighting fish of the trip. Heading back down in the evening we found rising fish as we neared little hole. It was getting dark so I tied on a size 8 cicada and cast to the sounds of the gulping fish. We waited for the gulp and the tightening of the line. While the fish were carefully inspecting our flies during the day the took them freely at night. We both caught a bunch of toothy browns that night on drys.
The following day we headed to the dam. There a tons of fish up there and they get pounded so have become fairly tame and will not flush from their run but get very selective. We siened the river and found size 24 midge larva and micro scuds in abundance. I was into fish all day high stick nymphing with cream midges and grey micro scuds. You know you are doing well when people come up to ask what you are using. We were also able to entice fish with ants and crickets but no cicadas up by the dam.
Our last half day was spent walking around looking for rising fish and enjoying the scenery. My buddy did well with chernobyl ants and other big stuff. I took a few on ants and midge drys. All in all the green is a beautiful destination with fish eager to eat if you change flies constantly and find the right stuff. However we were a bit dissapointed with the size of the fish. The average was 12 to 14 inches with the largest being 19 and a few 8 inchers thrown in. Gotta get tying the Henry's Fork is in two weeks.

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