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Dble Haul 06-04-2002 07:54 PM

Perch Slider
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This is a VERY effective pattern for me with largemouths and large pickeral in any body of water that has a population of yellow perch. If the population is a bit stunted, so much the better because the size of this fly (about 4 inches) is a great representation of a large fraction of the perch population.

Hook: Size 4, 3XL or 4XL long

Thread: 3/0 yellow monocord

Tail: Gold Krystal Flash inside paired olive, grizzly, and yellow hackle tips

Skirt: Yellow hackle

Body: Alternating bands of green/olive and yellow deer hair

Eyes: Plastic stick on, glued in place

I have found that this pattern fishes best just beneath the surface, like a confused or injured perch that's easy pickings. It's so-so on top, but much better underwater. For that reason, I don't pack the deer hair too tightly. I want the water to penetrate the fibers and eventually pull this fly under where it works best. When it does get pulled under, it tends to sink very slowly, much like the bunny clousers. This near nuetral bouyancy coupled with and erratic retreive tends to drive fish nuts. 6/0 thread can be used, but the 3/0 is better for spinning the hair. Weed guards can be tied in, but so far the hair collar seems to do an adequate job. I've tried hooks with a larger gape for fear of missing fish, but the tail tended to foul when casting so I eventually gave them up. FWIW, I have not noticed a difference in hooking percentage with a standard gape.

This pattern caught my largest ever pickeral, and I expect it to do the same sometime in the near future for largemouths. I will not go to a pond or lake that holds perch without it.

FrenchCreek 06-04-2002 09:41 PM

That's a great looking bug, I'll tie some and try them on Pikers this weekend.

Dble Haul 07-29-2002 09:14 PM

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Better picture...the head of this fly is crumpled a bit because some large pickeral have whacked it. :devil:

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