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RandyJones 06-01-2002 06:26 PM

6/1 S.E. Cape, Wade, Fly Fishing Report and Ramblings
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6/1 Fishing Report and Ramblings:

Ed and George were my guest's today. Last year George and his 2 brother's were with me. George had never sight fished before, so when I'd say (politely but excitedly) throw it 50 feet, 12 O'clock, he would throw it 20 feet. When I would suggest throwing it 20 feet, he would throw it 50 feet. When asked if he knew how far 20 feet was and why he cast it 50 feet (he-he), his response was, he just got a little excited. Its funny how seeing fish in the shallows will do that to a person. I've been doing this a long time and I still get that adrenaline rush up my spine. The first thing I asked George this morning was if he had practiced his casting at all. His response was "no". I looked toward the heavens and said out loud, "Why me lord". We all had a good chuckle.

Today George was on fire. He could throw it easily twice as far as his 2 brothers best cast last year!

We worked some channels today that had a good flow of water moving through them and picked up the occasional Blue and Bass. Found some birds working some bait along with both species of fish. Hooked up and lost some of those. I made my usual mistake of setting my expectation level pretty high after yesterdays trip. I was let down with the numbers I was seeing.

Most of you who fish this area at this time of the year know how those migratory bass work. Here today in ungodly numbers, then up in P.Town by tomorrow. Then more following in their foot steps.

F.Y.I. - If you do visit P. Town while your on the Cape and happen to drop your wallet. Make sure you kick it all the way back to Chatham before picking it up.

(see photo)
This 2 1/2 inch sand lance was what the birds, bass and blues were champping on this A.M. Imitate this up to 5 inch's (adults) and your on your way to hooking up in paradise.
(see photo)

George with a feisty striper. Even at this size they give you a tussle. I find the fish to fight the hardest at this time of the year.

Ever wonder what the weather-tide is doing in the S.E. part of the Cape? The below link will show you. Check out Water Temperature and Tide Level data also, while your there. Pretty neet stuff. Please keep in mind that there water temperature is about 5-10 degree's warmer than further out.

Best Fish's,

Randy - fishing reports

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