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RandyJones 05-29-2002 05:31 PM

WOW- 5/29 Fly, Wade, S.E. Cape Cod Tips, Ramblings, Report:
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5/29 Fishing Report and Ramblings:

Birds diving, fish crash'n bait, bait spraying and the sweet smell of the salt air were our traveling companions today. We fished 4 different area's today and found fish in 3 of them. At one point we left fish to find - sight fish on the flats, which we did.

WOW - Once again today we experienced something not many people ever see. Peter almost had his Blue fish to shore when out of no where a 300 pound seal appears and grabbed his fish. It all happened in 2 feet of water. The splash and commotion was amazing to witness. I've never seen a seal come into shore that shallow before. I almost made a do-do in my pants!!

Sand lances- Everyday I'm seeing more and more of these all balled up in schools on the flats. Today I got a good look at them and there size was 1 to 4 inch's long. If you are fishing the S.E. part of the cape with flies, I would recommend imitating the size, shape, silhouette, color and fleeing action of this bait fish.

Listen to find fish- We started off fishing in a thick fog. I explained to Peter and Bob that sometimes you can find fish by listening for them. After that statement I could tell by the look on their face's that they were wondering if they had made the right choice in guides. I asked Peter what sound he could hear, but not see with the heavy fog. His reply were birds screeching. I asked my guest's to reel up and lets go see if my hunch was right. As we walked down the beach the birds came into view through the fog. They were diving on bait. As we approached closer we could see fish crashing bait on the surface. Within a few cast's we were tight to a Blue fish. Later we tied into and landed a 30 inch Bass. (See below photo) A host of other Blues and Bass came from Listening to find fish .
I think after that lesson they realized that they had picked the right guide. (he-he)

Size of bird- Ever wonder what fly to use? One of mother natures signature clues is to simply look at the size of the bird that is picking up bait from the surface. Small birds like terns can only pick-up the smaller baits like silver sides, shrimp and sand lances to name a few. Small bird, small bait = small flies. Seagulls on the other hand will normally indicate some sort of larger bait.

There will be a test at the end of the summer, so I hope your all remembering this stuff. (he-he)

(See photo's)

This was Peter's first time fishing saltwater and stripers. I think he will be back! Congrats to you both!

Randy Jones - Fishing Reports

Nick 05-29-2002 08:22 PM

That fish is awesome. Whats the deal with the broken stripes again?

steelheadmike 05-30-2002 09:54 AM


Great reports. Very informative and insightful. I have a question about the seals. Have you ever encountered and angry seal or maybe one that made you a bit nervous?

Too bad we can't find the steelies by listening for the birds.:(

RandyJones 05-30-2002 06:16 PM

I'm reeeeely not sure (or cant remember) what causes those broken lines. Maybe someone knows?

Only 2 times have I heard of aggressive seals.

One was from a ki -yuker that got to close to a females pup. They other was when someone found a pretty, cuddly, big eyed pup on the beach and reached down to pet it. Boy did THEY get a big supprise.


steelheadmike 05-31-2002 08:46 AM

Did the guy get bit?? They have some nasty pearly whites they do.

I'm known locally for mistaking a Chocolate Lab for a Seal.

Quick Synopsis of the story:

Foggy night. 1 mile out on Pennsfeild Reef ( CT ) 60 yds from my buddies. No head lamp or light. No moon. All I could see where two greenish eyes and a V wake coming at me FAST. After messing my waders I high taled to shore. Turns out some guy brought his dog out there while he was fishing. When one is waist deep and a mile from shore thats not what you want to see coming at you!! Call me a frady cat but ...... strange things can and do happen. All in all my freinds laughed, I laughed, we played with the dog and all caught fish that night.

Instead of Steehead Mike they mock me and call me Sealhead Mike. All in good fun.

RandyJones 05-31-2002 04:59 PM

Nope, just a nice growl and big white teeth looking to bite into their hand!


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