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Dble Haul 05-27-2002 08:29 PM

Roop's Pike Fly (swap entry)
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Here's Roop's swap fly, in his own words:

Roop's Pike Fly

This one comes with no guarantees. Just a combination of studying and trying to combine lightweight/ castable, bulky, bright, and shiny. I'm embarrassed to say that after I started this I realized it was going to look like something that fell out of Ronald McDonald's fly box. You want fries with that?

Hook: 1/0 Daiichi stainless steel
Thread: Clear mono
Belly/spreader: Mike Martinek's fibers, pearl
Wing: Icelandic Sheep fur
Collar: Marabou
Head: Coastal deer belly

The only thing special about tying this is using Mike's fibers for the spreader. I pull off/ out a clump, pinching it in the middle I straighten out the fibers, double them up once or twice, tie in and glue at the rear of the hook. I then pick out the fibers for a tail with a dubbing needle.

email me if you want Mike's number to order this stuff.

Good luck.


Dble Haul 07-29-2002 09:10 PM

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Better picture...

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