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Vtgreen 05-25-2002 10:56 PM

Lewis Creek/Huntington River VT trips report

Due to working circumstances the last week I have had afternoons off and so was able to make a few fishing trips.

I spent one afternoon on lewis creek on the section just south of Spear street. The Rainbows were rising making for some wonderful dry fly fishing. That section of the stream gets heavily fished as it is accessible and not far from civilization but if you want you catch fish it's great. The same duns were hatching as last time I was there and I again did not have the right size fly to match but got by with a dun patern I tied. Thank god for stupid hyatchery rainbows! Haha I caught three fish with that fly using less than 10 feet of fly line. The fish were happily rising right infront of me! Nothing seems to scare these things! Not at all like I'm use to fishing for Books or Browns. However, after seeing that fly float by about 100 times they seemed to figure out that just cause it was twice as big as anything on the water didn't mean it would taste better. So I moved on down stream insearch of some more challenging wild ones.

I switched to a #16 Adams as it was a little closer to the size of the mays they seemed to be feeding on. I found I nice little shaded section of riffles with a boulder in the middle creating a good pool and lo and behold there was a nice fish rising in it. Because of the currents I had a hell of a time getting a goodfloat and was sure that the fish would never take the drowned adams but on the 3rd try I lifted the line and something pulled back. He was full of energy and the fight went on a bit longer than it had for the stockies. It was no trophy but all 12 inches of that fish was rainbow.. beautiful colors. He made my afternoon. Headed home for dinner after that.

The next afternoon I went in the opposite direction from home and fished the Huntington River. Totally different worlds. the Huntington is a beautiful river but gets less fishing pressure, is generally colder, and heavily shaded. The recent rain we got here was snow in the higher elevations and was melting slowly, feeding the Huntington. The water felt like ice (46F) and consequently the fish were not feeding much on flies. I did see a few nice looking fish lying on the botom of some pools but I had no way of getting any hook near them so I took to rock turning to see what was living in this stretch of water. The Huntington may be cold and clear but the trout food is abundant! I found multiple specimines of various species of mayfly nymphs, all different species of Caddis, and a few large stone fly nymphs. I can't wait till the water warms up and things start hatching more. It should be great fishing.

Well that is the end of my ramblings for now... hopefully I will get out some more in the next week and then I am off to southern Vermont to work for the summer. There I will be fishing during most of my off time on waters that are legendary to many but new to myself. I'm going to have to work on my fly tying skills to keep myself supplied! Good luck to all, happy fishing!


newbiefish 05-28-2002 07:41 AM

I haven't caught a rainbow yet-- I can't wait! Great report...keep em coming.

Stone 05-28-2002 08:48 AM

Newbie, I am in the same boat.

Lots of Brookies (well, that IS what I target, but...) and a few warm waters...Small mouths/Crappies/Perch but still no Rainbows or Browns...

VT, sounds like you had a hell of a time! I was over by your home state, fishin the NH side of the CT river, check my report for the details...

striblue 05-28-2002 09:04 AM

Great report VtGreen.... sounds like a perfect day on those streams.

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