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striblue 05-19-2002 09:38 AM

"It's No Fluke" Flounder fly
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I thought hard about creating a flounder fly.. I say a number of them by Borski and someone else whch used all bucktail.. but I thought about it this morning and want to add this to my own flys simmilar to my "Crab Apple"... This is my second fly, any comments or critiques are appreciated. The next one will hide the dumbbells and I also used a lead keel along the botm of the shank... Marabou for the fins along the body and tail. Used two sides of marabou for the fins to get them along the edges and light epoxy on the bottom to seal everything in.

pmflyfisher 05-19-2002 09:56 AM


Do you have a blood and sand worm fly ? Tthats what I used to catch flounder on in NJ, Manasquan River down near Belmar.

How about a clam fly got any of those, that was also one of the baits we used when I was a kid and had not started the conversion to flys yet.

Was in NJ two years ago, rented a beach house for a week in Lavallette. Caught a couple of flounders off the ocean rock jetties on rapala type lures when fishing for stripers. Sorry could not fit the fly rods in the van with the whole family with me. Borrowed my brothers spinning gear for the week.

No stripers caught, just two flounders. Good to back in NJ on the beach though and spent a day at IBSP, great place ever been there ? Good surf fishing when they are running.

I miss the ocean and salt water can you tell ?


striblue 05-19-2002 10:15 AM

PM... not sure if I understand your post... this flounder fly is used for catching stripers... They go after small flounders as well as the other baits. I would not use it to catch flounder... I have done that with small clousers striped slowly.

pmflyfisher 05-19-2002 10:32 AM

OK, I see, misinterpertation on my part. Is there anything Stripers do not eat ? Yes Clousers work for just about any fish as bait fish imitation.

P.S. Non going out to hit balls at the range. Have not played yet this year due to the terrible weather we have had all spring.

striblue 05-19-2002 10:46 AM

Me too... playing 18 to day with my boys... Haven't played yet this year... let me know when you are in town,,and we can play,, I play at Winchester CC and would just need a little advanced notice,

Lefty 05-20-2002 09:33 PM

I got a spot in Marblehead I'd like to field test these guys. Also, pleasant bay being a big "Flounder Pot" in warmer months, would be a good place to dredge those lilly pad lookin flies.


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