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Stone 05-16-2002 10:48 AM

Mickey Finn
Not my pattern, but one of my favorite streamers to tie...

Hook: Mustad 9575 Streamer (size 8)
Thread: Black Floss
Body: Silver Tinsel
Tail: Red/Yellow dyed bucktail

Optional: Reflective Eye Sticker.

Tie on near eye and secure Tinsel and wrap along shank and back to eye. Secure near eye.

Tie in clump of red bucktail. Tie in 1/2 as much yellow on top of the red and then another clump of red the same size as the first on top of the yellow. All clumps of bucktail should hang just past the end of the hook's backside.

Wrap head with thread to make an even, round head with no bucktail pertruding from it.

(optional - add reflective eye to either side of head)

Tie off and laquer head together.

A quick, simple streamer that has been used for centuries. I have to admit, I still have not caught a fish on ANY streamers, so I cannot advise on any success

Stone 06-06-2002 11:16 AM

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