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RayStachelek 04-21-2001 02:37 PM

Rhody Early Bird catches the worm!
The Fly Fishing Forum striped bass season opener officially got underway today. Thirteen hardy fun loving soles braved the cold elements with much chagrin.

On hand were Dave Pritchard, Jeff Borkowski, GregO, brothers Chris and Drew Delisle, Nick Svencer, Jeff Roop, and Nathan Smith. Also along were Dave Fix, Art Burton, Ron Lomas, Ray Stachelek, Peter Jenkins, Steve De, and Don. I apologize it I missed someone.

Our first destination, Colt State Park, looked promising from the parking lot. Turned out to be a skunk. Absence of any type of bait proved to be a down fall. Not a bump.

Moved to a new location called the Pancake House. Put on the old feed bag for an all you can eat breakfast buffet. Recharged our batteries and off we went to the Seekonk River.

Ron Lomas was the first to hook up with the first fish of the day. Action wasn't as fast pace during the warmer days of last week, but nevertheless there were fish here today.

Nick Svencer was high hook for the day with three fish. Nick and Grego cashed in by breaking the ice this season with their first fish. Greg also had another quick release fish 20 feet out.

There were several hookups and lost fish. Nick managed to out catch the founder of this tournament 3 to 2. All toll 8 fish were caught in the Seekonk.

The weather improved and warmed up as the afternoon approached. All and all it was a fun time to meet and share with old and new friends alike.

Great to have you guys here in Rhody. Have a great season.

Art Burton and Ray Stachelek

fliboy 04-21-2001 03:35 PM

Ray/Art - thanks for throwing teh Rhody Early Bird Special - had a good time and met a few new faces. I got skunked, leaving around 1:30 - saw all but the first fish caught. Art B and myself were checking out a spot about a 1/2 mile away to see if there were any herring around - nothing spotted - although there were signs of scales. By the way Ron, I owe ya a buck!

Glad I had the chance to fish with a great bunch.

Again - thanks Ray and ArtB for putting it together!



Nick 04-21-2001 04:57 PM

Ray and Art,
Thanks for organizing this. It was great to get out and get the line wets for the was even better to have some bass pulling on the end of them! Really glad to meet all of you this morning and I look forward to seeing all again. Thanks again!

juro 04-21-2001 08:45 PM

Well it's official! The striper season has officially begun, thanks to Capt.Ray and Art Burton our Rhody Ambassadors. Sounds like a great outing and wish I could have made it.

I broke free from the familiy goings on and got down to the mouth of the Herring River about 4:30pm. I ran into Jeffsod who is a frequent R/T and FFSW guy, top notch guy. I spent about as much time talkin' fishin with him as I did fishin' - the wind was howling out of the south/southwest and although there were both herring and sand eels in the river mouth it was a little too much work casting there in that wind so I got back for dinner by 6pm.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a lot warmer and I'll time it so I have more than 90 minutes to hunt them down. I saw a lot of herring being live-lined but didn't see a single angler hook even a schoolie on small kastmasters. It's gonna be a hunt to get the stripe off *my* back this weekend!

IceFlyer 04-21-2001 09:29 PM

Juro, I went to Highbank bridge (Bass River) after we talked but failed to connect with that elusive first bass of the season. It was nice to just be out and trying. There were a half dozen other fisherpeople there. A couple with bait and a couple using curltail jigs, no bass caught while I was there. Tide was pretty low and still dropping so maybe tomorrow on the incoming. Good luck and thanks for the fly!

RayStachelek 04-21-2001 09:29 PM


Rhody can be an alternative route home from the Cape. What better way for the wife and kids to see history being made. Providence is home of the Plunder Dome Investigation. We have a nationally recognize zoo too, and a hit TV program named after the city. Keep your wife and charge cards away from Providence Place Mall though.

Great tide to fish the Seekonk River at 1:00 pm while they're busy. Action should improve with the warmer weather and each passing day.

Tell your wife you have to go over some details and research for your upcoming Spring Charter Trip that you will journal. Than give Art and I a call.

DFix 04-22-2001 12:58 PM

Now that the skunk is out of the way, it was nice to put names to some faces and enjoy the get-together. Thanks to Art and Ray for hosting a very enjoyable event, and thanks to the participants, a great bunch of guys.

Hey Greg, I heard you mention something about some North Shore get-together??? I'd be interested...

Thanks again guys,

Roop 04-22-2001 03:03 PM

Thanks to Ray, Art & the rest of the crew.

I knew having to leave early would bring more success to you all.

Were any of those fish caught with the Stolen Poland?


artb 04-22-2001 07:03 PM

It was good meeting the gang from the board, and I am glad that Capt Ray was able to put fish on a few peoples line. I am glad that I was able to put a face with a name, sorry that I don't remember names very well unless I have several meetings. It was good to be able to sit down and talk eyeball to eyeball with a few. I didn't meet any of the group that I wouldn't take fishing it they wanted me to. I expect my area to start producing in another few weeks. Maybe get a few clams and a couple of fish. Retired life is good if I could only stop finding things that need doing around the house.
How many of the 12 people that showed up at the RI Transit Parking lot nopticed the pair of Ospreys with a great view? It seems that the pair are building a nest on the top of the field lights across the street from the parking lot. The light standard has got to be at least 125 feet high. This shows that they are expecting good fishing in the area. Have a good week.

Adrian 04-22-2001 07:38 PM

Sounds like everyone had a great time!

There were a few folks from the forum at the Abrames seminar in Duxbury and we were wondering how you were all doing.

Now, any plans for next week-end?

grego 04-23-2001 09:55 PM

DFix >> Hey Greg, I heard you mention something about some North Shore get-together??? I'd be interested... <<

Dave, We hope to have Several N. Shore get-togethers, probably informal like. A true N. Shore Clave have never seemed to come to pass; we always opt for more "exotic" locals. But, there's plenty of fishin up that way & I'm just Beginning to learn my way around.

juro 04-23-2001 11:02 PM

GregO -

All it takes is someone to instigate and a clave appears! ;D

DFix 04-24-2001 10:35 AM

Methinks it's about time a piece of North Shore be scouted and some plans devised...

fliboy 04-24-2001 08:06 PM

Count me in for a North Shore Clave.

DFix 04-25-2001 11:49 AM


fliboy (04-24-2001 09:06 p.m.):
Count me in for a North Shore Clave.
I'm not sure we can handle six character vanity license plates on a North Shore 'clave - might endear you to the rich folk who deny us access, even tho' it's a NH plate...

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