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RayStachelek 04-07-2001 06:39 PM

Kick some bass! Early Bird Special
Stripers are starting to spread out from their winter holdover areas in RI. Fish were reported at the West Wall, Point Judith Pond, and upper Providence River. Took 13 bass in a two hour period on an olive Clouser today (Saturday , April 7th).

Art Burton and myself will set up an impromptu chance to catch some early season bass. Many of you have been chomping at the bit, so here's your chance to jump start your season. There will not be much notice or fanfare, so keep posted. No sign-up's required. Just a causal meeting of friends.

Art Burton and I will determine the best tides, times, and date. My best guess would be Saturday or Sunday of the weekend of April, 21-22. The place to fish has not yet been determined.

Roop 04-11-2001 06:23 AM

Thanks Ray, I hope to be able to join you & finally meet Art.


Adrian 04-11-2001 08:38 AM

Darn! Committed that week-end. Kenny Abrames on 21st & golf tournament on Sunday 22nd.

Things seem to be breaking out all over the place. I've been reading about a lot of activity in the Hudson River and New York Haba. I'm thinking of doing a 'reckie' of Croton Point this week-end, unless I hear there's activity down on the sound - Housy estuary, Sherwood Island, Silver Sands ...

Hey Jimmy, any thoughts for this week-end?

nsvencer 04-11-2001 08:40 AM

I am definitely interested in a little early season bass. Hope to see you that weekend!

NathanS 04-11-2001 08:42 AM

I am absolutely in. Tell me where and when

Mattb 04-11-2001 11:23 AM

I'm in too, sounds like a great idea.


striblue 04-11-2001 12:33 PM

I looked in the paper on Monday Morning and read the sports headlines... -Tiger Woods captures Grand slam----Pedro stikes out 17---Capt Ray Reports hugh haul of stripers--- BC wins NCAA hockey Hockey Championship....... What a weekend in Sports.

castafly 04-11-2001 01:44 PM

Tide's the weekend of 21 Sat thru Sun. 22
from Newport RI

Sat. 7:08am 3.5 hgt. high tide
Low 12:45pm

Sun. 7:48am 3.6 hgt. high tide
Low 1:19pm

Real good tides for several places in mind. Fish are starting to co-operate. Released 20 2-3 lbs stripers Sunday afternoon. Out the door now to try my luck (Wed.) this late afternoon.

Art - Any thoughts on the weekend of April 21-21?

juro 04-11-2001 02:07 PM

Ray -

Are they holdover or fresh arrivals? I gotsta know.

castafly 04-11-2001 07:06 PM

Started fishing with a sudden drop in temperature late this afternoon. Only three fish caught today. One big surprise though, one of the fish was 7 lbs. Fish that size chase herring. Could get my entire hand down his gullet. This time of year, the sun helps to stimulate the activity with warmer water. The correct tide is moving closer to sunset, reducing the number of hookups.

Have reliable reports that bass are being caught in several places with darker bottoms and shallower water. The numbers are not terrific, but the fact they are spread out in such a diverse area, makes you wonder if the beginning of the first wave have arrived. I'm sure Juro, that most of the fish I've been releasing have been holdovers. Still they're bright, plump, and clean looking. I would question the larger fish though.

In a week and a half, all the estuaries should be nursing plenty of schoolies. All signs so far point in a good directions. All you Boston metro area fly guys should have a ball.

Will keep you posted.

artb 04-11-2001 08:48 PM

Hi All, and my good friend Capt. Ray, Will be around. I think the early arrivals are coming up the coast now. I have been so busy I haven't even got down around Omega yet. I should be set for anytime after this weekend. It looks like you got a few people interested. What do you want me to do ? Have to figure out the best place, and time to meet.

marvin 04-13-2001 07:09 AM

Soccer is gonna kill Saturday, but Sunday looks very good at the moment. Come on warm weather!!

SOLO 04-13-2001 11:42 AM

I spoke to my pal Capt Bill Brown (BillFish/WatchHill) who did a seminar last night in Manchester CT...There were reliable accounts of SEA LICE on the RI schoolies...
'Sounds like NEW ARRIVALS to me!

grego 04-13-2001 12:07 PM


I'm going to try my best to make it!

I've been on the road (work) for the past couple of weeks & need to catch up on other work/house stuff!

RayStachelek 04-13-2001 12:52 PM

Kick some Bass seasonal opener will probably take place on Saturday, April 21st. We will gather at a place yet to be determined. Latest fish reports will control the location.

I will try to increase our flexibility so that we have access to other close by areas in case the fish are not cooperating or nasty wind conditions. If you miss our clandestine meeting site for some reason, you will be able to reach us on cell phone.

There is a question if Art can make it. He may or may not have to complete a task of moving some trees.

Tide's for Saturday, April 22 from Newport RI
Sat. 7:08am 3.5 hgt. high tide
Low 12:45pm

Other details will follow this weekend. Off to opening day of trout season in RI. Will camp out this Friday evening and wake up with all the wack-o. Nothing like watching a circus.

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