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juro 04-30-2002 02:12 PM

Epoxy for the handle...
Probably nothing new to you veterans but I had a very positive experience putting the seat and wells grip onto the blank (thanks to Smitty).

I laid a large sheet of tin foil over an area of the table and then another smaller sheet for the mixing surface. Using a piece of that very thick, clear plastic that stores use to package things like battery chargers and cd players, I cut a couple of half circles with the sharp corners rounded to mix the glue.

Since the glue has two different thicknesses, the eyeball method was a little off after the liquid settled so I added a bit more to the smaller "gob".

The clear plastic mixed the glue beautifully and I could see thru it as I mixed. The glue started to get slightly more rigid and consistently textured before I applied it.

As Smitty instructed I noted the spot on the blank just higher up than the top of the seat, then pulled the seat up the blank to get it out of the way. I then applied the glue from that position down to and onto the first masking tape band so that twirling the seat downward slowly pushed glue over into the next gap, and repeated down to the bottom collar against the butt. Some glue pushed out so I know it was filled, I quickly cleaned that up.

Per Smitty the seat was covered with low-tack masking tape right to the edge of the seat.

I then measured a few inches up from where the seat started to squeeze onto the blank, then pulled the handle up the blank out of the way and applied the glue. I started with the brush but it was a pain in the butt (haha).

I switched to using the broad plastic edge, rotating the blank to accept glue in a very even, ample layer over the blank, then I would turn the handle downward toward the butt repeating the sequence until I got close to the hood. I then applied a gob of glue into the open top of the hood, around the last section of the blank, and squeezed the handle down the home stretch.

As Smitty instructed, I needed to follow up with a toothpick to clean out the glue that would squeeze thru the seat cracks as it dried. It set in a few hours, but I let it dry overnight before removing it from the clamp and playing with it.

One thing I noticed was that the little dot Sage provides for the spline got wiped out during my glue cleanup. No problem though, I was very cautious to align the seat with the dot while gluing and the rest of the sections (4pc) have their dots still.

I think I will slap a winding check on there as soon as I can get my hands on one. I will get out too late from work to pick one up so it will probably have to wait until the weekend.

After that - the guides... :)

juro 05-02-2002 07:25 AM

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I put the bigger butt like the old RPLX 10wts used to have instead of the stock extension.

Just before clamping...

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