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juro 04-30-2002 05:37 AM

Simms FLats Sneaker?
Ssully, et. al -

With these boots just coming out in March 2002 I've yet to find them on the shelves.

Who has 'em?

How do they run for sizes? I will be wearing them with the Simms goretex


Sand intrusion?

I think I am going to have to check yours out, thanks for the offer.


ssully 04-30-2002 01:54 PM


I dredged this up from the Gear Review Forum.

a.) Yes. Also the top of the shoe has a built in neoprene cuff. With these you may possibly be able to get rid of the gator gravel guards.

b.) Yes, no sand period from my experience.

c.) No, extremely light weight. Also soles are non skid and will make for great boat shoes.

d.) I bought mine at the Wilmington show from Firefly Outifitters located in Boston. They were the only ones who had them at that time. Anybody who carries Simms products should be getting them in stock soon. American Angling in Salem NH was waiting for a shipment.

Mine are a size 10 and you are welcome to give them a spin before you buy. I think you will be truly impressed.

I don't own stockingfoots yet... and besides I still have my Frankenstein boots.

Also I forgot to add they drain water very quickly. Plus I was able to walk across razor sharp coral that would have tore my feet to shreads in regular sneakers.

Adrian 04-30-2002 08:49 PM


American Angling was the first fly shop I experienced in the USA. I used to go up every time I came to Boston on business and spend $$$$$$$. Everything so much cheaper than the UK.

Is Al Bovin still around?

He was a great character and really helpful.

ssully 04-30-2002 10:26 PM


I don't recall meeting Al. The shop has quite a few guys working there now. All very knowledgeable from my experience.

Here's their website.

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