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Quentin 04-22-2002 07:55 AM

Carp everywhere, but no takers
During last weeks heat wave I saw a lot of carp cruising the shorelines in a couple of the local lakes. I even managed to get a few casts in front of them without spooking them, but couldn't trigger any strikes. I tried a few different colors of wooly buggers but they were not interested in my offerings. I did have one brief moment of excitement when I hooked a bluegill while casting to a school of finning carp. I felt the hit and thought I had finally persuaded one of the carp to hit my fly. No such luck!

After my somewhat humbling experience I looked up some more carp fishing info on the internet. One "trick" that was mentioned(which I will definitely try next time) was to use a weighted fly and let it sink into the silt just ahead of the carp, then give the line a sharp twitch so that the fly makes a little puff of silt before starting the retrieve. The carp supposedly key in on the puff of silt and then chase down and inhale whatever they stirred up from the bottom. Anybody have any other hints for triggering strikes from carp, particularly for carp that are on or near the surface rather than on the bottom?


Adrian 04-22-2002 08:53 AM

Try a floating fly for surface cruisers! Give em plenty of lead and leave it static. If that doesn't work a slight twitch may do the trick.

Quentin 04-22-2002 09:30 AM


Originally posted by Adrian
Try a floating fly for surface cruisers! Give em plenty of lead and leave it static. If that doesn't work a slight twitch may do the trick.
Now THAT would get your adrenaline going! :whoa: Any suggestions on patterns and sizes? That is, do they seem to prefer small, subtle flies or large, more visible flies? I don't have any floating flies in my box yet so I'll have to tie or buy some.


Check this out -- anybody got a dog biscuit pattern? :chuckle:


Adrian 04-22-2002 01:10 PM

Quentin, I'm going on what stillwater trout anglers experienced in the UK when Carp were surface feeding. We would fish a floating fry pattern (about 1 inch long) during August which would be a killer on big rainbows in lakes at that time of year. The floating fry is basically a piece of white foam cut to shape like a fish which is lashed to a size 10 or 8 hook. Ocaisionally an angler would get more than he bargained for when connecting with a 20lb plus Common Carp. Never happened to me but frequently enough to be more than chance.

A bit "non-purist" but you can rig some floating carp baits on hooks and cast them with a fly rod.

Otherwise the "Dog Biscuit" pattern is right on the money :D

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