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sean 04-21-2002 04:27 PM

interchangeable polarized glasses
Well I lost my action optics yesterday. Not sure where but I bet they are at the bottom of lake lenice somewhere. Last time I think of myself as too cool to use croakies.:rolleyes:

So I am begrudgingly in the market for a new pair. This time I would like to get some with interchangeable lenses to best take advantage of all light conditions. Am looking at the action optics switchback but am not sure.

Anyone have any suggestions on some glasses with interchangable lenses?

Thanks for the help.


newbiefish 04-21-2002 04:48 PM


I just got a pair of the Action Optics with photocromatic lenses that adjust for changing light conditions, which I am sure you looked at. I didn't know about the model with the interchangeable lenses and they sound interesting, but my experience with Oakley polycarbonate lenses isn't good. For saftey reasons, you have to wear them for sports, but they scratch easily, and the ones with interchangeable lenses cause the lenses to crack at the tab insert after awhile.

NrthFrk16 04-21-2002 07:52 PM

One of these days, I will learn my lesson as well and invest in a pair of croakies (even if I do think they are dorky).

Unless you are very careful with your glasses I would stay away from the Switchback and Sliders as they are polycarbonate lenses which are over susceptible to scratches. The glass lenses on the more expensive Action Optics are incredibly scratch resistent...I dont get why people drop $120 dollars on a pair of Oakley polarized as they are all polycarbonate.

Newbiefish also brought up another concern with the interchangeable lense out or the lenses will crack and eventhough Action Optics carries a very good warranty that they do stand behind, it is not worth it, IMHO...unless you baby your glasses.

I spend the big bucks on the glass lense Action Optics in the Silver Creek brown which is the best all around color, plus it is the color that my eyes like the best when it comes to everyday use and then I buy a couple pairs of cheap glasses such as the Fisherman's Eyewear in the Amber for those super low light days and then a pair in Grey for those mid-afternoon, direct light days of Summer (although Silver Creek Brown seems to hold its own on even the brightest of days).

btw-How was Lenice???

juro 04-21-2002 08:11 PM

That's funny - all I've used for the last 15 years is polycarbonate, and they last me 2 or more seasons without scratching. Besides, they are shatterproof, and the glass is often what does the damage to the eye - not the object. I am not making this up, my brother is an eye surgeon.

And the reason my polycarbonates don't get scratched or lost.... (drum roll)... CROAKIES! Actually I use the thinner 'cats' that REI sells.

Newbiefish I noticed you mentioned sunglasses as something to put in your vest... I can hear the scratching from here. Ryan - no croakies, getting dark... put them in a pocket... SCRATCH CITY. Put them on the dashboard to drive - S.C.

I wear the sling religiously, but it has nothing to do with style... it just plain makes your shades last longer. When it's dark you just hang them on the rear view mirror. Man do those shades last a long time that way!

BTW - I have been wearing the $49 Fishermen's Eyewear wraparound Polarized Polycarb shades going on my third season. Prior to that I wore the Bolle fishermen's shades but they discontinued the ones I liked. No noticeable scratches, thanks to the neck sling. With all the money I saved I think I am going to upgrade to some swanky Action Optics shades, and you can bet they will be polycarbonate and worn on a sling! :cool:

Downsides to the sling method: You will always have a few crumbs on them after you eat :hehe:

Seriously, never wipe with paper - only soft cloth. When fishing, I use my tee shirt after dampening the lenses.

sean 04-21-2002 11:58 PM

Thanks guys. I am thinking I will go with photochromatic copper lenses from all the reserach I did today. They look about the most versatile for different light conditions.


It was uncharateristically slow for an eastside lake.Cannot remember ever talking to so many guys who did not even touch a fish. I ended up going 5 for 8. All around 18-21 inches and fat. The 21 incher was a nice brown trout. I have never caught one before so that was cool. One rainbow on a dry and the rest came while dunking chronomids.


Adrian 04-22-2002 08:46 AM

for those who may not know.....
Here's a way to lose your new Action Optice WHILST WEARING CROAKIES!

Yes folks it can be done 'cause I did it!

What you do is perch your glasses, with croakies attached on the peak of your new FFForum Embroidered Cap. You then get in a boat and motor into the wind which makes you hold onto the peak your new Cap.

When you get to the jetty you congratulate yourself on not losing your cap but then you notice that something doesn't feel quite right......:rolleyes:

John Desjardins 04-22-2002 09:22 AM

In addition to the sling method Juro uses, an eyeglass case (before sticking in your pocket) helps to prevent scratches to polycarbonate lenses. Just something I learned after scratching a pair of prescription polarized lenses.

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