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pmflyfisher 04-17-2002 07:02 PM

King Salmon Smolt Patterns
Any body got any King Salmon Smolt patterns ?

I will be up in Michigan next week after steelhead which are in all of the rivers now but streamer time starts now for the big resident german browns which prey on the wild king salmon smolts. Will give them a go also.

I have a few Michigan traditional but am open to new patterns.



NrthFrk16 04-17-2002 10:33 PM

I might be able to tell you how to best imitate 'real' king salmon know, the ones that swim in the waters of the PNW but I have no idea how to best imitate those pseudo so-called king salmon smolts of the Great Lakes. :razz:

;) :)


pmflyfisher 04-18-2002 02:43 PM

Come on send me a killer pattern, I tied up a bunch of the Michigan standard pattern last night, but I know you PNW guys must have something in this area. This is not for the steelhead but for the big browns that feed on the migrating smolt on their way to Lake Michigan. I'm leaving sunday night.

Email me at if you don't want to show your PNW colleagues your killer pattern


pmflyfisher 04-18-2002 10:06 PM

Found my book

"Fly Patterns of Alaska" by Alaska Fly Fishers - 1983

Forgot I had this

Has some good chinook and coho smolt patterns will be tying up.

Streamers for me are easy and enjoyable to tie, knocked our about ten last night in 90 minutes.

Hope those football Michigan Browns like them !!

NrthFrk16 04-18-2002 10:25 PM

Glad to see you found some patterns Hal as I do not have an actual king salmon smolt pattern of choice...

I just said I did to give me the oppurtunity to razz you about those so-called 'king salmon' of the Great Lakes. ;)

pmflyfisher 04-18-2002 10:46 PM

No problem.

Have found big brown trout are eaters of other fish primarily. Can remember where I grew up fly fishing back east on the Catskill rivers the old guy expert bait anglers. In the spring they would use a sown shiner or chubb and drift it down into holes and runs. Could not believe some of the big browns they pulled out that would not look at our little flies.

Another time we were coming back from Pepacton Reservoir in the Catskills which is a very deep NYC reservoir which has large browns which we drifted fish with sawbelly shiners. Well on our way home one time when we were passing where the Beaverkill and Delaware meet there is a large hole. It was July and water was very low. We stopped on the bridge and me and my two buddies saw about 15 -20 trout in the pool. A few large ones. We took some of the remaining sawbellys and threw them off the bridge into the pool never thinking these so called sophisticated Beaver kill browns would touch them.

Well a few big ones came right up and slaughtered those saw bellies. We left learning a lesson.

I am sure I will connect with a few next week.

Oh forgot, where I will be fishing for at least part of the time on the PM, is the trophy no kill section, this is where brown trout were first stocked in North America in 1882. Historic fishing area.
Lots of wild steelies will be there also

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