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FredA 04-16-2002 11:02 AM

Tandem Yaks
I've been trying to sell the vrtues of a second Pungo for my wife but she thinks we need a tandem. If I go that route I'm thinkin a SOT like the Cobra Tandem. Anybody have any experience with the Cobra's? Keep in mind this will be used for liesurely paddling for my wife and I and occasional two person shoal hopping looking for the striped guy's.

Penguin 04-16-2002 11:38 AM

I've heard tandem's referred to as "divorce boat"...Before you do a tandem, c'mon over to Area 61 and we can venture down the road to Lewis Bay and you (and your beter half) can try the solo boat approach first...There's a sitontop and a sitinside at BlackOps just waiting for you to warm the seats and try'em out.

DFix 04-16-2002 11:53 AM

Dear Donna
Aren't you really better off with your OWN BOAT???

What happens if Fred wants to go one way, and you another - you'll be paddling in circles like the Three Stooges:hehe:

striblue 04-16-2002 03:29 PM

Fred....don't listen to those guys...go for the tandam.... not a bad deal... you both go out and you won't have to fish ,you could just bring it with you incase. Let's face it you will probably be using it yourself more often anyway or you can take a fishing buddy with you (I have a Yak so nothing intended) when you want or when you are not going out with her... besides it sounds like she want's to join you atleast for a little paddling during the days. It's a political issue... weigh it wisely.

JimW 04-16-2002 03:54 PM

I have seen people use the tandem sit inside successfully. It looks dificult to me but I've seen it done. Gotta think getting in and out would be the hard part. With 2 separate yaks if one of you has a problem the other can assist. It might be easier to have a conversation paddling side by side?

FredA 04-18-2002 06:22 AM

Ahh, back to the original question. Anybody got any first hand experience with the Cobra tandam? I've read the reviews over at and they're somewhat mixed.

Dave, just for yuks, next time you see Donna ask her about our canoe trips down the Saco. She'll probably go off on one of her "my husband the village idiot rants".

Roop 04-18-2002 07:42 AM

Mr. Pink has a the Loon 138T I believe, huge cockpit & slidable sits to adjust in case your paddling alone. I think it's a great yak & probably something you should buy as an additoin to your Pungo.

FredA 04-18-2002 03:31 PM

Jeff - I intend to look at the 138T and the WS Pamlico also. One thing I don't like about the Cobra Tandam is that the seat locations are molded in thus fixed. Both the Pamlico and the Loon have the adjustable seats.

Doublespey 04-26-2002 06:25 PM

Tandem's OK!
Hi Fred,

I bought an Innova inflatable 2person kayak last year because (1) my fiancee wanted to go boating with me occasionally and (2) because they hold more gear!;) We've had quite a few fun trips on local lakes.

She still enjoys the occasional trip and seems to like the two-person idea better than having her own because she can kick back and enjoy the ride if she feels lazy :rolleyes:

One un-fun part is getting your SO to try to synchronize her paddling stroke with yours (or vice versa). The other is balance - one leans and both could be swimming!

If I were to go with a hardshell kayak, i'd consider the Loon 138T. I just checked it out at REI and was really impressed.

Happy Shopping!


FredA 04-30-2002 06:58 AM

FYI, Picked up a Pamlico at the EMS club day (20% off). Going to be a little tight for my wife and I but it'll be great for my wife and daughter and great for me solo. As much as I like the Pungo it's marginal for me size wise.

Thanks much for the feedback.

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