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striblue 04-15-2002 08:59 PM

Ultra Shrimp
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The Location's re Belize, The Baamas,Boca Paila, and Los Roques..... Hook- 2, 4 or 6...... Thread -Tan Monocord or clear mono..... Forelegs- Utra hair tied on the underside of shank..... Mouth- Small wad of ultra hair on top of shank...... Eyes- burnt mono or pre-fab eyes..... Rear legs- Hackle to match color of ultra hair palmered to hook eye...... Carapace/tail- Ultra hair, trimmed to shape, pointed rostrum over eyes and flared at eye for tail...... Outer coat- epoxy... also super hair or Unique hair works ao.... More details in Brown's book and designed by Bob Popovics.

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