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mdbones 04-14-2002 08:40 PM

Four Day's to Bimini - and once again the fly rod god's have cursed me!
Saturday 5:00 p.m -Everything is packed - Leaders tied, 100 new flies completed, Tibor's and Sage's lovingly waxed and put away. Everything is prepared.

My buddy comes over and ask's for a throwing lesson - I obliged. Twenty minutes into I am impressed, He is throwing the line line fifty feet no problem. I tell him that we need to put a # 4 squimp on the line to simulate real conditions
he agrees. Four casts later I hear it. You know that sound that a weighted fly makes as cracks the sound barrier and then slams into the tip section of your favorite nine weight "craack". I drop my Sammie Adam's and look up. Surely the rod is now a four piece instead of a three. To my amazement the rod is still intact - ahhh..... back to my beer. Four minutes later I hear another crack - the rod snaps in the exact spot that the fly hit earlier. My stomach drops like I'm on the Kwanzi at Busch Gardens.

How could this happen.........AGAIN - this nine weight sage is three years old and it has been broken four times. While that in it self is no big deal, it is impressive is that three of those "breakages" have taken place less than seven day's before a Bahamas trip.

Oh.... I cannot wait until tommorow at 11:00 when I get to call the SAGE repair department AGAIN and beg them to send me a replacement tip section for my Hamas' trip in four day's. These guy's must believe that I have some type of OCD that compels me to break rod's before every trip. What makes it worse is that I think that I used my last: "you don't want to hear a grown man cry" routine last October.

Please, say a short prayer for me tommorow at 11:00 a.m. eastern standard time as this will be the exact time I throw my self at the mercy of the SAGE repair god's.


Ted Shuck 04-23-2002 04:13 PM

I have broken a rod as well by casting with weighted flies. A couple of years ago, I tied a few flies just for practice casting so I would not break a rod again (hopefully!).

I cut the bend off the hooks, wrapped enough wire to give the hook the proper weight, then wrapped that with closed cell foam.
Wrap enough thread around the foam to prevent it slipping off, but not so much as to remove all the "spongyness". My practice flies are now these white blobs, and I have not broken a rod since.

Hope this helps for the future.


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