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striblue 04-06-2002 09:56 PM

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Location's are the Keys, Andros and Yucatan.... Hook- 2, 4 and 6.... Thread- Tan or Wite..... Tail- Orange, tan or pearl Krystal flash.... Body- Same as tail..... Wing- Tan calf tail (recipe calls for cream racoon way I had that), splayed and devided by wraps of Krystal flash.... Overwing- Short strands of of krystal flash... Eyes- Bead chain or none.... More details in Browns book and designed by Jack Gartside.

pmflyfisher 04-07-2002 07:12 AM


That will work for a lot more than just bone fish. Great looking fly
Steelhead, salmon, and smallmouths for sure. Will have to do this one. We love Gartsides Sparrow Nymph for steelhead and trout here in the Great Lakes, heck every one should have some of those in their fly boxes. Its a great great impressionistic nymph with lots of MWM (motion without movement).

Are you tying one each of all of these salt water patterns ?

I'm impressed. My fly tying bench is a mess after 4 months of tying (since December). How does yours look ? (But my fly boxes are full)



striblue 04-07-2002 10:53 AM

PM.. thanks for the comments... I had tied so many saltwater flys that I wanted to all those Brown flys as a winter project plus there were tying tecniques I had not tried by doing the Bonefish. Another reason was that our board was lacking in the Bonrfish archive section and I thought It would be a good reference. Most of them are exactly like the recipe but I had to make some changes as I went along. I will continue with the saltwater flys when I get to Chatham since most of my flys are there and I have some interesting ones I will post. Another big reason is that I bought the Digital camera and had installed adobe Photoshop. I even wanted to post the flys from the Steelehead swap but thought someone else was planning that and did not want to step in front... Just for fun I will post a pic of my table.. stuck in a corner of my attic as a further reply to this post...but your right it's a mess.

pmflyfisher 04-07-2002 03:39 PM


Yes mine is a mess there is stuff at the bottom that I forgot about since December. My wife says I don't see you going to bars so this is innocent and wholesome to her, I wonder if I should sneak that new fly reel in now, no will wait to the fall. Want to go fishing the rest of the year.



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