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striblue 04-06-2002 03:39 PM

Crazy ( or Nasty) Charlie
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Locations are everywhere in various colors . I choose to do the ones in the book as examples. There are two in the photo, the one on the left is the original Crazy Charlie developed by Bob Nauhein and the one on the right is a later and very popular version developed by Carlie Perkins of Orvis. The Original- Hook- 1, 2, 4, 6,and 8..... Thread White monocord or color to match body...Eyes- Small silver bead chain.... Tail-10 or 12 stands of silver tinsel.... Body- 15 pound mono over flat silver tinsel wrapped around shank... Wing- 2 long hite saddle hackles. length about once length of body... The latter version on the right is the same exept for the following- Pearl Falshabou for the tail, clear v-rib over pearl flashabou wrapped around the shank and calf tail instead of the hackle... one other difference is that the eyes on the original are tied right in behind the hook eye, while in the later version it is tied further down the shank with the wing in front instead of behind the eye... see photo's. .... More detail on this great fly in Brown's book.. including prey notes, and fishing notes.

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