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capt_gordon 03-25-2002 03:30 PM

Books for sale-Lefty's Little Library
Books for sale- Lefty's Little Library. Leather bound books full of wisdom from Lefty Kreh. Retailed for $25 each I will sell them for $10 each. I have 10 of them. If you have some and don't have the whole set I may have one you need, or you can buy all 10. Will need shipping charges as well, depending on how many you want.
also Beavertail Motor- 22 hp mud motor. Perfect for jon boat. Ultimate shallow water motor. $1500.00 Hardly used.

Dble Haul 03-25-2002 08:54 PM

Gordon- Do you happen to have Flyfishing for Trout V ? I have every other book in this library, including Trout volumes I through IV and VI. I missed out on the fifth volume during a move to a new residence when things got a bit jumbled in the mail.

If you have it, please let me know. Otherwise I'll have to deal with the customer service at the publishing company. :rolleyes:

Thanks in advance!

capt_gordon 03-25-2002 09:08 PM

Flyfishing for trout V
Do you mean the one that says Volume Five-Fishing the Four Seasons and has a big fat V on the side...:-) Why yes I me and we'll take care of it that way. glad to be of service. Btw the books are pristine. The bindings still crack when you open them.

Dble Haul 03-26-2002 09:53 AM

That's the one! I'll e-mail you later today so we can work this out.

Thanks! :D

DFix 03-26-2002 12:07 PM

Gordon - sent you email.

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