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Steelheader69 03-24-2002 11:27 AM

Hey Sparkey, now this is a cataraft
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Thought you'd like to see what a real cataraft looks like. :D

Actually, I inherited a digital camera from my Dad so I'm playing with it (thank God for raffles, his is virtually like new). Was a nice day yesterday so thought I'd take some pictures of my cat. This is the 3 man setup.

Steelheader69 03-24-2002 11:46 AM

4 man version of my cataraft
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Here's the 4 man setup. More suited for gear fishing, but can be used fly fishing.

pmflyfisher 03-24-2002 01:56 PM

Jerry thats an awesome Cat
Pretty cool set ups.

I thought I would take risks to catch a steelhead, but I hope you are not casting from that while shooting that Class 3 in your avatar picture!!

Thats hard core if you are!! :whoa: :whoa:

P.S Whats in the cooler ? (Molsons)

Steelheader69 03-24-2002 03:46 PM

Alaskan Amber in da cooler
LOL. Seriously, I don't drink at all while I'm fishing, or even while I'm floating. I start drinking when I get to the campsite/home afterwards. When I fish, no distractions.

ROFL, no Hal, I keep to my seat and run the oars while runinwhitewater. try to keep my mind on the water ahead. I fish once it slows down or if I pull off to the bank. Oh yeah, that cooler you see iis my seat/fishbox. Great to hold extra gear in too if you want it to stay dry. I prrefer either whitewater seats or cooler seats, especialy since I plan to do some good whitewatering with my boats. Normal folddown seats are ok, but you try to dig in on some hairy water and you can't pul back full stroke if seat back is in th way.

Hmmmm, I wonder how many PNW guys can guess that run? Say it this wayy, it' what th drift used to lok like about 5 years ago before river recut itself. Was aclass 3/4 then at water level the picture was taken, is only about a cllass 2 now. Say it this way, it's a boateater still to this day, thoug it has changed, not as turbulent today as it was back then.

You make it this way Hal, we'l load her up and hit the Rivers.

pmflyfisher 03-24-2002 04:34 PM


OK, I think the summer runs when the PNW water levels are lower is more in my risk range these days. 30 years ago in my 20s winter flows I would have been up to anything. Ran the Delaware in its flood stage one time which has some class 4, in a canoe. To much risk to do that now. There were no cats back then only canoes and kayaks.

Must be different now with all of these new technology white
water crafts.

That 16 foot (??) covered V-hull in the picture looks more up my current white water risk profile, as long as you have that Cooler filled with Alaskan Amber (whats that?)


Steelheader69 03-24-2002 04:47 PM

14' jet sled
Is what you see in the background. I'm actually putt9ing it up for sale. I'm loking at getting a 19' Northriver Sportster. It's a great little boat, great for 2 fishermen, but to smal for my curent situation. 2 ids, a girlfriend, ad a dog fils that boat to maximum capicity. Hate to see it go, but need bigger.

Alakan Amber is a Northwest beer. It's a dark ale, rich in flavor. Ii like it well chilled after a day on the oars. :D

pmflyfisher 03-24-2002 04:58 PM

Wow a girl friend or wife that will go fishing with you!!

You are a lucky man. My wife sun bathed in a bikini while I was trout fishing on the Catskill - Willowemuc Creek fly fishing section the first year we were married (1977). When the water snake swam by the rock that was the end of her fishing with me.

A tactic recommended for all of you newly married FF that want to
FF alone and in solitude through out your marriage. :devil:

Whistler 03-24-2002 06:45 PM

How long are the pontoons on that cat?sweet! what are you asking for the sled? what power?

Steelheader69 03-24-2002 07:26 PM

those are 16' tubes on my cataraft. It is an original Aire Ocelot built in the 80's. I've had for well over 12 years now. It was stil new when i bought it from a whitewater guide friend.

I'm asking $3900 OBO for th sled. Has a 75 evinrude pump on it. If you want some more details and pictures on it I can either send them t you, or you can go to and go to the BB and then o classifieds and you'l find listing for my boat. In fact, later tonight I'l post it here. I'm flexible on the price, want t sel i so I an buy a biger boat. Prefer not to put it in the boat trader but it's my next step.

Steelheader69 03-25-2002 01:31 AM

Sled is listed on the board
ust to let you know I put a link for the picture and a list of things the boat has. Ii forgot some stuff, but listed most of it.

Doublespey has seen the boat, he also has seen the before and after work Ii've done to this boat. He can also testify to it's get up and go. Now to start loking at North rivers :D

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