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pmflyfisher 03-20-2002 10:42 PM

"Franken Fish"
More bad fish farming news.

I took the staff to a great seafood restaurant today and you will be proud to know I did not order the Atlantic Salmon special, knew it was most likely farmed fish. Went for the Mahi Mahi instead figure they donot farm these.

Big business in BC and Washington.

Wonder how those "franken fish" fight

Moonlight 03-20-2002 11:42 PM

And so it goes!
I keep hearing about the chunk of ice the size of Vermont that fell into the sea! How big is that really? At least three times in the last four years I have heard these Science guys say that a chunk of Ice as big as Vermont and 650 feet thick has broken off the Ant Artic Ice Pack and is melting." I'm melting" (the wicked witch of the east tried that) oh Vermont is in the East. May haps we are on to something here.
The whole idea of Global warming is out of our control we are not empowered to deal with such issues. I, however watch the Discovery Channel and Know that as "we" warm the planet we will be releasing copious quantitys of freshwater into the North Atlantic and this will trigger a cessation of the "Conveyor" which is nothing more than the return cycle of the Gulf Stream. This will stop the Conveyor resulting in a cessation of Global warming and begining of the next "Ice Age". Well Looking around the ONP the last few weeks I wonder......
They tell me that all snow and such is about to stop" Bully "I say! Wow what would happen if Vermont dropped into the sea?

juro 03-21-2002 05:15 AM

Once again, fish farming is a global issue not just a PNW one, although the adulteration is particularly disturbing there due to the pristine races that are at risk there. To be fair, the atlantic salmon anglers of the Canadian Maritimes, Northern Europe, and beyond are no less disturbed by the farming craze than we are in the PNW.

Over a million tons of sand eels are harvested in the North Sea annually to produce feed pellets for salmon farms, which has impacted the entire food chain from seabirds to groundfish to whales in that region.

pmflyfisher 03-21-2002 05:55 AM

Yes agree, never thought I would say I was thankful for the Great Lakes PCB problems, but I am now since that I think is was keeps them out of here, plus our cold winters.

old man 03-21-2002 11:21 AM

It was the size of Rhode Island not Vermont. If people keep telling it it will end up being the size of Texas.
If something that big broke off,wouldn't it create a tidal wave?

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