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pmflyfisher 03-16-2002 10:45 AM

Fisherman Privacy Rights

See fisherman privacy ruling below

I wonder what the privacy ruling would be to a fisherman's vest or creel ?

Does not matter to me as I, C & R sor the last 15 years. Being the Privacy Director for a major financial services company the increased U.S. privacy legislation and consumer concerns have given the area of personal privacy more press and concern. It was heightened further by the 9/11 event and new terrorist threats.

John Desjardins 03-18-2002 11:52 AM

Hal, This morning on NPR I heard that in the state of Minnesota, a judge found that bob houses for ice fishing were "private space" and should be afforded the rights of private space. Previously game wardens only had to knock on the door and announce who they were before entering. Now they have to get a search warrent if they think someone is poaching.

One state takes away freedoms, while another extends them. This must make your job tough.

pmflyfisher 03-18-2002 02:37 PM

My job is impossible. There are about 500 present US privacy laws and another 700 in proposal process. All 52 US jurisdictions can adopt their own privacy laws. What we call the sectoral approach to privacy. Now I am dealing with international privacy laws another can of worms. Have a project that needs to look at the laws in 181 countries. I did not think there were 181 countries left in the world.

I listen to NPR each morning, but missed that subject. Will check their web site. They had some privacy subjects on a couple of weeks ago.

The game wardens can search me when ever they want. I am clean except for the Gummie Bears and Juicy fruits l learned from Juro are a possible backup contingency steelhead bait to tip my flies with when desparation settles in.

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