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Jimmy 03-14-2002 07:39 PM

I'm soooo confused
Ok fellas. Here's the deal. After reading about all of the exploits of our yakers, I've decided to take a good hard look at buying one. The waters around home are very yakable. Besides, someone is gonna have to keep an eye on Adrian. I've gotten some advise from others. Such as do I want to gat there quick or do I want easy access. The answer is yes to both questions. I stopped by a shop the other day. Now comes the confusion. Sit inside or sit on top? Bulkhead or bag? Easy access or better tracking? Red or Blue? Paper or plastic?:eyecrazy: :confused: :eyecrazy: :confused: As you can see, I haven't got a clue! The one good thing is that I can go to this shop and "test drive" a few models. What do I look for on the water, besides the signs of fish working a school of bait? Any input would be a great help.

Kayakless in Konnektikut

Adrian 03-14-2002 08:14 PM


I decided what I wanted before trying it out based on the questionable logic which goes something like this -

1) If I've never paddled before, how do I know what to look for

2) If something seems better than something else that's almost certainly because I'm doing something wrong.

I wanted a means of getting from A to B fast - actually fishing from the boat is secondary.

I chose SOT over SIS after reading a number of articles on hypothermia and winter paddling which make a very convincing case for SOTs given the requirement to dress for immersion whatever boat you're in. It's a lot easier to get back onto to a SOT. I may graduate to Eskimo rolling and a super-sleek cockpit boat in due course;)

I also wanted something I could enjoy paddling year-round to get into some sort of shape.

The WS Tarpon was a good fit and the reviews were very positive. The only drawback is the weight (60lb) but that's about the only downside.

Penguin 03-14-2002 08:55 PM

Jimmy...There's going to be a "paddle weekend" sponsored by North Cove Outfitters (860 388-6585) of Saybrook on May 4+5...A good choice of sit-in/sit-on boats to play with at Cedar Lake, Chester CT. WORTH A LOOK!...:eyecrazy:
And if that's not good enough...Area 61 has a stable of boats assigned to Black Ops ready for your inspection (next time you make it to the Cape)...

Nick 03-15-2002 06:46 AM

I'll be glad to let you try out my SOT (ocean kayak Frenzy). Very basic entry level model (ie cheap), but your free to try it out next time I see you on the Cape. I've had it for two years and love it. Its a little slow, but its really stable, and its light enough for me to carry around.


Roop 03-15-2002 07:14 AM

Try before you buy or at least sit in one.

I was in an intro to whitewater class a few years ago and we had a lady who couldn't handle the tight fit of the boat - claustrophobic to the extreme.

After your intro to yakking last year Jimmy, (So how do steer one of these things? When's sunrise? I can't see anything!) - I know you'll be fine with whatever you choose.


Jimmy 03-17-2002 09:32 PM

Thanks for the great advise and the offers. It will make things a little easier. I hope.

Hey roop. Good thing I was following you and Bob that day. I don't know how to speak Portuguese.

Area 61? I hear they have those real stealthy yaks. The fish can't see you coming.

I hope to try a few boats this week. I'll let you know what I think.

Adrian 03-18-2002 08:24 AM


Good luck in the trials and thanks for the Norwalk Islands guide!

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