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Roop 02-28-2002 10:49 AM

Snow Row - Hull Lifesaving Museum
Hope to see some of you there!!


The 22nd Annual Snow Row

12:30 pm, Saturday, March 2, 2002
Windmill Point Boathouse, Hull Gut

Race Start: 12:00 noon; Coxswain's meeting 11:30 am
$15 Race Fee; Spectators free

Bring on the weather! It's time for the museum's signature rowing race, the Snow Row, that covers a 3 3/4 mile triangular course starting off the beach at Windmill Point, and continues around Sheep Island, past the Peddocks Island day marker, and back to shore. Huge crowds will gather on the beach beside the museum's Windmill Point Boathouse to experience the wild, LeMans-style start, unpredictable weather, and assembled mob of gorgeous boats and athletes. Entirely within view of the Boathouse, the event is as much of a thrill for spectators as for participants. It is also a rare opportunity to see, up close, rowers of all ages and flavors and their stunning array of wooden pulling boats on the beach and in action -- peapods, dories, wherries, whitehalls, ocean shells, kayaks, pilot gigs, captain's gigs, and Irish curraghs.
The race has five boat categories: workboats, livery boats, coxed boats, ocean kayaks, and ocean shells. A few notes to all race participants:

all boats must carry PFDs, bailers, and whistles
all coxed boats must begin the race bow on the beach
the HLMI Race Committee reserves the right to cancel the race or keep individual boats from setting forth due to weather conditions or rower skill level.

After watching the excitement of the Snow Row's one-of-a-kind start, come inside the Boathouse to warm up with a cup of hot coffee or cocoa. A mile from the Boathouse, the museum will be open throughout the day with free admission -- and, on display, the Small Craft exhibit, as well as other exhibits about lifesaving, lighthouses, storms, and shipwrecks. For more information about the Snow Row, please contact Ed McCabe at the museum.


Work Boats:
dories, peapods,
1st single, 1st double
Livery Boats:
wherries, whitehalls, currachs, skiffs, seabrights,
1st single, 1st double, 1st HOV (3+rowers)
Coxed Boats:
gigs, whaleboats, surf boats, barges, cutters,
1st coxed boat, 1st coxed-four, 1st youth crew
Ocean Kayaks:
1st single, 1st double
Ocean Shells:
1st Alden single, 1st Alden double

Race Start
The Snow Row's start is Le Mans-style. All coxed boats will be required to start bow on the beach. Coxed boats will be assigned beaching sites by the race organizers.

Winter Racing Equipment
All boats will be required to carry PFD's. bailing buckets, and whistle.

Ocean Shell Rowers
The Snow Row has proven to be a severe test for low freeboard, outriggered rowing boats. This is not a novice race.

Race Fees: (includes lunch and long-sleeve t!)

Nick 02-28-2002 11:10 AM

That sounds a little intimidating for a novice like myself. Maybe in July, but then I guess it wouldn't be a Snow Row.

Are you gonna go for it, Roopster?

Adrian 02-28-2002 11:32 AM

Maybe not this year but maybe next:D

Roop 02-28-2002 12:28 PM

I think they club anyone who shows up in a plastic or glass boat!

Just taking the family to stir the little one's interest ;)

Who knows what kind of water vessel I may find myself in for next year?

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