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sean 02-24-2002 02:09 PM

DIY in the keys
So I just bought my tickets to head down to FT. Lauderdale the second week in April for a week in the sun.

Michelle and I want to camp on one of the keys for a few days and I would like to get some fishing in. Not going to get a guide for flats fishing though. Figure I will save that for next winter when I am living in Boston and freezing my cajones off.

I seem to remember Juro saying something about some places to fish in some deeper water for cudas and the errant bone.

So where should I look at camping and what patterns should I bring? Will have a 8 and 9 weight. Thinking bigger baitfish patterns like decievers would work and some bonefish pattterns as well.

Lots of fish are not the focus as wading in warm water and getting a tan are the real focus of the trip.:devil:

I appreciate any tips you folks can offer.


capt_gordon 02-24-2002 10:20 PM

Keys on foot
Bonefishing in the keys is hard, add no boat to the mix and it gets even tougher. People do get them though. Try Ann's Beach, pretty spot. Not hard to find. Also Long Key State park is good at times.
For real thrills and the possibility of tying into a big fish, try fishing the bridges at night. Check out the Channel Two bridge, you can walk along the concrete bulheads along the side and flycast. Rig with 80 pound shock tippet. Bring a stripping basket. Cast streamers on the Gulf side on the outgoing tide at night. The later the better. Tarpon.
For camping, check out the KOA at Fiesta Key. You can reserve right on the web at koa's site. It's a nice spot.
I am sure you will get plenty more suggestions too.
Good luck.

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