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Bob Pink 02-23-2002 09:48 PM

black flatwings (roop, this has the vineyard written all over it! )

This one's a modest 4 -5" long. I tried a couple up to 8 - 9" with some RLS hackles. Look great!

RayStachelek 02-23-2002 10:47 PM


Who's going to get the "Gold Medal?" You and striblue are neck to neck with fly patterns. John broke out early with some great bone flies. Coming down the stretch the track is flooded with your super striper patterns. With one day left of competition, how's John going to counteract your momentum? Keep an eye on Joe Wojtan. He's a strong finisher, with slinger bringing up the rear.

This black beauty is surely a bass buster. Going tye some up for some Rhody starlight fishing. How's about moving that really slow with a float line, than listen for the boulder splash? Black is beautiful. :hehe:

striblue 02-23-2002 11:55 PM

I am here and warming up... I hope to be able to post some of my CCA auction flies tomorrow... But I am making every effort to TRY to keep up with Mr. Pink

Bob Pink 02-24-2002 06:30 AM

I figured that this would be my last chance since once John Morin figures out that camera and posting pictures...... :hehe:

In all sincerity John ;) you've done some great stuff this winter and I know I'm looking forward to seeing up on the board. Gee, maybe you'll be so busy at the computer that you'll leave some of those spring arrivals for us down at Chatham! Bring 'em on striblu

Slinger 02-24-2002 06:31 PM

Wish List
Right up near the top of my wish list is a means of posting pics! Altoough the list gets modified with every new gizmo I decide I can`t live without. Was on Sakonnet Point at noon today, you couldn`t ask for a more perfect day in Feb., no reason my new toy won`t go there.

Slinger 02-24-2002 06:34 PM

Will be looking for a crash course in flatwings at the Willmington show.

Bob Pink 02-24-2002 07:36 PM

Posting pictures can be still done with traditional film cameras, just takes a bit longer to get them from event to post and my sincere apologies if you already have a handle on all this. I wasn't certain if the comment was about general confusion over the process....

Take your film to be developed but also ask for a CD version of the prints ( some places will even store them on an on-line server for you )

Once you have a digital version of the shot you want to post, you will use some sort of photo editing software ( might come with the CD ) or the on-line host. The reason you want to edit the file is to make the size managable by reducing the size to let's say a 3 x 5 and a modest pixel count of 150 ( this makes the picture easy to read on the screen and download faster ) You can also do stuff like adjuct brightness & contrast if you want to really start messing around.

The last part is making sure the file is available somewhere out on the web because when you post your message on the forum, you don't actually include the whole file in the message. You are inserting a hyperlink that the BB knows is an instruction to go look for the picture on an outside server and show a copy of it whenever someone looks at your post.

There are a number of photo web hosting sites out there, perhaps some of the other members that post pictures could suggest a good one. Your ISP may offer you some server space as part of your monthly agreement, if so you can follow thier instructions for how to upload files from your home PC to their server an you'll be all set.

Adrian 02-25-2002 12:45 PM

I find myself digitally challenged currently but the culprit is our new English Springer Spaniel pup who did a number on my digital camera cable:rolleyes:

So, I have had to spring for a USB Flashcard reader which should arrive over the next week or so, then I'll be able to join in the fun too!:D

doogue 02-25-2002 04:23 PM

You will like the reader!

A virtual springer ate my digital camera cable (translation: I lost it and the camera power supply) and I bought a USB SmartMedia reader for $20.

I love it. It downloads files 10x faster than my camera did.

So go easy on that pup of yours!

As an aside, my family had a springer spaniel a long time ago. He was a great dog. I am sure that my Dad will ask you all about your pup in due time.


Adrian 02-25-2002 08:19 PM

Mike, that sounds simlilar to the device I've ordered (Sandisk USB Compact Flash Reader/Writer) $22.95 + p&p. Write feature is cool too!

Joe Cordeiro 02-25-2002 10:16 PM

HI Bob,

Great job!! I would like to know if you tied this longer and you palmered in some deep purple hackle would it move more water. How do you fish this , use floating line? As I tie flatwings for eel patterns I like to have long slender hackle to move behind the palmered hackle in front . I like your pattern ! Try it sparse see if it makes a diffrence in movement.
This is my first posting.

FishHawk 02-26-2002 05:24 AM

Joe welcome to the board . Your suggestions and help in tying flies will be most appreciated.

Roop 02-26-2002 07:39 AM

Ah yes Mr. Pink, welcome to the dark side....

Nice job. But remember that the winning fly that won the one-fly last year was a sailfish fly !?

I'm preparing a night fly that's a combo of a Catherwood Giant Killer and a Snake fly.

I am,

Digitally Challenged

Lefty 02-26-2002 07:58 AM

You can fish at night? Wow.


juro 02-26-2002 09:51 AM

Joe -

Great to hear from you! Look forward to your great advice on fly tying, hope to hook up with you at the Rhody spring clave this year. Starting to feel like an early spring!

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