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MattS 02-17-2002 05:23 PM

Bonefish leaders?

The Maxima discussion instigated this question as I often use and enjoy Maxima material.

Looking to find out how many of you construct your leaders for fish like Bonefish, Permit, Snook and small Tarpon - Fishing will be with 8 & 9 wgt rods mostly and 9' or 12' leaders

I realise "stepping down" the leader DIAMETER (not strength) is more important than in Striper fishing but less than for trout

By example I might use a bonefish/permit leader constructed something like this (using Maxima + floro)
5' of 40# (.24) mono
18" of 30# (.22) mono
12" of 20# (.17) mono or floro
12" of 12# (.11) floro
18" of 8# (.009) floro. (9' or 10' - depends if I use the 8# tippet)

If I go up to a 12' leader
6' of 40# (.24) mono
18" of 30# (.22) mono
18" of 25# (.20) mono
12" of 20# (.17) mono
12" of 12# (.11) floro
18" of 8# (.009) floro.

(all knots are either double surgeons or double nail knots. Floro to mono uses a loop to loop connection - quick to change tippets and assures a non slip union between the two)

Out of time for now - I'll be back with snook, tarpon, bite leader info...

Capt. Mel Simpson 02-18-2002 07:51 PM

MattS, the following is from my experience and not meant to throw any bad light on your choice of leader construction and materials, but....
I have, as many warm saltwater flyfisherman discarded using Maxima because of it's lack of correct class rating, ie., it's 12# is probably closer to 14#, that world record mentality thing.
I use flurocarbon, because it's less visable in saltwater and more important it is more dense. I even tie my weed guards with flurocarbon.
There is a problem with flurocarbon tho, it's diameter is too small. Yes, it is supposed to have a harder finish and we have always said smaller is better but we have a lot of obstructions that can wear thru the smaller diameter leaders.
So for tarpon I use Hard Mason, most of us do here where the world record fish are. It is much more visable and it is a much bigger diameter but it can take the abuse. Now, I do use flurocarbon for the 100 lb shock tippet.
My leader construction for snook, 8 - 9wt: 9" 40# fluro butt section with a double surgeons looped to 7' of tapered fluro tripple surgeons knotted to 18" of 20# fluro shock.
Redfish, bonefish. 8-9wt: same butt section looped to 9' tapered fluro (tripple surgeoned to final fluro tippet of 8# - 12#)
And finally tarpon leaders, well.... maybe later.

My .02, whata ya think?

juro 02-18-2002 08:28 PM

Great stuff! I agree with the maxima not being what the package says it is, but I guess I am not thinking about line class too often.

One question Capt.Mel - does the hard mason come true to the # test label?

thanks in advance,

MattS 02-18-2002 08:54 PM

Hi Capt. Mel,
Thanks for the great feedback. I have only a small amount of time in the warm saltwater of FL and the caribbean...mostly spend my time in the northeast salt. Always looking for good information and ideas from others who have more knowledge than I do (which is easy).

One question: when you say "tapered leader" do you mean a store bought knotless tapered leader or a hand tied tapered leader?

Also, Have you ever tried the Poly leaders? I think they might be a nice and easy option for this kind of fishing...just add tippet and you're all set to go.

Thanks again.

Capt. Mel Simpson 02-19-2002 06:16 PM

Let's see, Juro your first. Hard Mason tests about as true to size as most other leaders but to make sure I send my spools to the IGFA each year to have them tested prior to tarpon season.

MattS, yes I use SA packaged flurocarbon tapered leaders. They arn't perfect, the but end is only .026 diameter and I prefere a more stiff leader but they're as good as anything else on the market.

Hope I could help, ask if you need more info, Mel

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