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andre 02-09-2001 12:01 AM

Florida in Late Feb
Hey I looking for guidance and direction. I'll be in Florida (orlando) and wonder about bonefish. I'm thinking of staying a couple of extra days can anyone provide direction or advise. I've never gone after bones and thought this might be a chance.


juro 02-09-2001 10:51 AM

RE:Florida in Late Feb
Hey Andre - sounds like fun.

I belive this time of year you'd be talking mostly reds and 'trout' with the possibility of tarpon and snook a little later on. When are you goin?

By "couple of extra days" do you mean enough to drive down to the Keys with me to do a feature article on a friend who guides in Key West?


andre 02-09-2001 11:23 AM

RE:Florida in Late Feb

right now I'm out the 17th-21st at a trade show. I was thinking of taking the 21-23rd and fishing if there is any thing worth going after. I'd be willing to put in a long drive say 8hrs each way. The travel schedule is going to build soon so gotta get ok at home first. when are you hitting the keys?

juro 02-09-2001 11:39 AM

RE:Florida in Late Feb
I have no schedule at this time, but I do have an invitation, frequent flyer miles and a few vacation days in my bag of shack nasty cures.

That's a little quick though - I have some deadlines coming up at the end of the month at work that might interfere.

I wouldn't make 14 day advance notice either, lessening my chances of getting a flight.

Could you fly out of Miami on the return?

Nathan Smith 02-09-2001 03:56 PM

RE:Florida in Late Feb
Feb is a little too early for bonefishing. Your only shot would be in the keys which is a 7-8 hr drive. Honestly the bonefishing is tuff down there anyway. My suggestion would be to go to either South Tampa or Mosquito Lagoon/Indian harbor for reds. It is really great fishing and the reds are huge (18-40 inches) They tail and school like bones. They fight alot like stripers and really bull dog you. Not to mention they are beautiful. I would go with South Tampa. There is less presure there and there is a chance for the occasional snook.

juro 02-09-2001 08:01 PM

RE:Florida in Late Feb
Andre -

On further review, my invitation (that I would have liked to include you in) is for May and I would need more miles than I can spare for a flight without two weeks advance notice.

I am going to have to defer my own participation this time, but I still owe you a striper trip. Keep me informed as to when the time frame will work for you. Maybe you and doublespey can coordinate, he's having withdrawls almost as bad as up east coast anglers are for some northeast coastal action last time we talked.

Per Orlando - I recall that some folks from the upper Florida area signed up a while back, let me go dig around.


andre 02-09-2001 10:56 PM

RE:Florida in Late Feb

Not an issue as I haven't pulled more than an extra day to this point. I don't know about I'll be in Hawaii late April and early May. the company has just gone through another reorg so we'll see. I'm safe as long as this world requires big chunks of bandwidth and that need continues to grows. I might make it up your way in June don't know 'bout that yet. I might just play an extra round in Orlando. I'm going to Houston first week of March, a peers family own a cabin on a island that has reds. Hope I can get the time. Thanks for the tips I'll let you know what happens.


juro 02-13-2001 10:56 AM

RE:Florida in Late Feb
Sounds good, let me know as soon as you know; I think we can get out for some primo action in June on the striper flats.

Just bring some light waders for the shore part, we'll have the rest ready when you arrive.

Safe travels,

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