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bigcat988 05-20-2000 10:09 PM

Met my guide Capt. Bob Rodgers at 630 Monday morning. We headed out to the back country spent a couple hours looking for fish saw a few rollers that never came within distance but no shots.

Bob decided not to waste any more time there so we headed to the ocean side,on the way in we saw no one was fishing the legendary pocket. So we figured we would fish it for a few hours have lunch and contune on to the ocean.Within the first half hour a pair of fish came into my sights and I put a fly in front of the fish the fish ate the fly but spit it out Oh well thats tarpon fishing. A few more fish came by had some serious lookers but no takers,and then bang I hooked and landed a 75 lb Silver King that was it for Monday.

Tuesday a cold front moved in and we did not see a fish till after lunch and when we did they were all over the flats the fish were confused and so were we I guess thats what happens when the wind starts to blow out of the north in May, I got a few shots off had a looker but no takes.

Wednesday the wind was blowing like a hurricane and of course the fish I seen were comeing with the wind and I had all I could do to get the fly out of the boat and some times I could not even do that,not a fun day.

Thursday had a offshore trip lined up for dolphin the seas were 5 to 7 trip was canceled what a bummer I wanted to get my first dolphin on a fly.

Friday had a snorkel trip canceled seas were still to rough.

Highlight of the trip was my marriage to the lovely Mary on Saturday night it was a great sunset ceremony in paradise,and I got to share it with some great people,and got a fish to boothttp://


Roop 05-23-2000 07:18 AM


Congratulations on the wedding! Sorry about the trip but as you know from your past experiences, that the way the Keys can be.

I remember at the clave when you told me of the marriage AND the fishing trips - I was very impressed. Mary must indeed be a lovely lady. I note you didn't bother to post about the 150# tarpon I heard she landed "wink".

You're a lucky man!

Give me a call or email if you want to hook up this weekend.


juro 05-23-2000 08:05 AM

John -

That was some prize you landed... and you got a tarpon too! My very best congratulations.

Reading your report makes me want to get back to the sugar sands and mangroves; a hard day of fishing then a conch chowder and grilled yellowtail snapper finished off with key lime pie and a margarita.

Luckily, the striper fishing has been very good. I'd be down there with Jimmy Buffet if it weren't for that!

BruceWainman 06-30-2000 11:35 AM

all this Silver King talk and the dolphin reference makes me wonder if a 75 lb tarpon would be harder to land than a dolphin of equal weight. Granted, that is not a big tarpon and it would be a monster dolphin but you can't help but wonder, pound for pound, who kicks the most keester. My vote is for the dolphin since the tarpon I have seen have been tiny (a few pounds) and they fought like a smallmouth bass of equal weight. A dolphin of a few pounds would need a 9 wt to haul 'em in.

Jest wonderin'

Eddie 07-01-2000 01:24 AM

A 75# Dorado would be a record on a fly (I think). The two fish fight differently and while I am not an expert, I have caught a few over 35# on an #11 and Dorado are tough. Powerful runs and then a long pull to get them up. 30-45 minutes is not a long fight with the bigger fish.
Tarpon seem to explode, jumping and tiring themselves relativly quickly. Having said that, I hooked a 100# Tarpon last year in Chockoloskee that didn't jump once. Ouch! I fought that fish for over an hour befor I lost it.
I think that this would qualify as an apples and oranges situation. Eddie

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