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Willie Gunn 01-16-2002 01:28 PM

Sage 8126-3
What reports on a European action 8126-3 sage rod. I have been offered one for $425 american. It is for sale here in Scotland, where they retail for $ 835.It has been used three times apparently. I realise it is only two thirds the size of Fred's stick but I would be grateful for any comments.


juro 01-16-2002 01:39 PM

I have the rod. It is very powerful and more than what I would consider a true 8wt - but I understand why they need to rate it as such to handle the huge lengths of line European overhand casters throw. In other words the grains over the first 30' rule doesn't apply to this style of casting.

Hoping to get it up to a 10wt, we modified the blank by shortening it. This made a dramatic difference and now it casts a 12wt intermediate WF line with ease. This experiment is being applied toward saltwater flyfishing in big surf conditions.

For a big river rod, it comes across to me as too fast for traditional Spey casting. It would be a cannon casting with two hands though.

Are you looking for a Spey rod or a two-handed overhand rod?

Willie Gunn 01-16-2002 02:02 PM

Hi Juro
I was looking for a Spey rod. I only spey cast with a two hander.

Thanks for your help.


fredaevans 01-18-2002 04:47 PM

Willie, your 'rod search;' a question
What length rod (in an 8wt) are you looking for? Do you prefer the "European" aka stiffer/overhand type rod(s) or the more flexable 'traditional' style.

Willie Gunn 01-18-2002 06:45 PM

You may beleive this answer but others will not. I own rods from 8' thru to 17'6" but nothing at 12'.

so I have to have a 12 foot rod other wise I will sulk

fredaevans 01-18-2002 08:10 PM

Good Lord! A 'sulking Scott' has got to be someone to be
avoided at all costs.:D

If you're looking for a wonderful rod in the light end of the 8wt scale can't recommend the Sage 7136-4 more highly. The (again repeating myself here) designation says seven, but it (the "green" ones) are a light wt 8. Heaven to cast, will handle fish far beyond what I would have thought (25# King Salmon kept the rod flat to the water for longer than I would have liked) but still slid the fish onto the beach ... to be released.

If you're 'interested' I can get you a custom made one for far less than the $ required by Sage. Or if you've got a local rod builder, have him/her make one up for you. Don't think you'll ever be disapointed.

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