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s.miley 01-07-2002 10:54 PM

FS: 157 Vintage/Used Lure Collection under glass
Currently on auction at ebay:

A HUGE collection of 157 vintage and used fly lures mounted in a vintage leather case in a hanging glass display case.

This is an AWESOME collection of some of the most beautiful flies that Iíve ever seen. There are major lure manufacturers represented in this collection. Special note is given to the FROG in the top row on the right side of the display. Its color is bright and near perfect. I believe the FROG is made of leather. Also, please notice the vintage, handmade looking fly lures in the bottom right row in addition to the well-known fly lures throughout.

striblue 01-08-2002 09:06 AM

How old are they? Around what year?

s.miley 01-08-2002 07:17 PM

Re: age of lures
I wish I could date them, but I am not an afficionado of lures. I picked this collection up at a sale. They look darn old though. Follow this link where there are six pictures of them:

s.miley 01-16-2002 12:17 AM

Last day of auction is 01/17 at 7:45 am PST
Last day of auction on ebay:

Ends Jan-17-02 07:49:59 PST
Currently $78.12 (reserve met)- THAT IS LESS THAN 50 CENTS PER LURE!

A HUGE collection of <<157>> vintage and used fly lures mounted in a vintage leather case in a hanging glass display case as previously noted. If you haven't done so already, go take a look and place your bid.

Roop 01-16-2002 07:48 AM

None of that stuff looks vintage to me. ?

s.miley 01-16-2002 11:14 AM

vintage vs. not vintage...
I'm not an expert on lures, and I am definately not trying to mislead anyone, but some of the lures in the case sure look old to me. The lures I think are old and vintage are the grey lures and crickets next to the crawdad and the frog on the top right row of the case. The third picture down on the left column of thumbnails shows them.

Roop, I genuinely appreciate your honest feedback about the collection to the group. Whoever bids should have no doubt in their mind what they are buying.


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