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Lefty 01-06-2002 08:38 AM

Clouser Minnow (swap entry)
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Bob Clouser invented the Clouser fly for fishing the Susquehanna where he chases the local Smallies . Though many of us use this fly for the salt water it's nice to bring it back to it's roots. There are numerous color variations to this fly but here I select an old New England trick of brown over yellow to look like baby sunfish.
Here's how:

Hook: Long shank size 6 or 8
Eyes: Barbell Orvis 10 Black (also says 51 Sm. 1/8 x 1/4)
Thread: Tan 6/0
Flash: Green and Silver
Belly: White Bucktail
Middle Body: Yello polar fiber
Upper: Brown bucktail

1. PLace hook in vice. Tie in eyes 1/4" behind eye of hook (clouser style, so eyes are outside of hook bend)Dap of glue to lock eyes.

2. Tie in white bucktail for belly in front of eyes and tie down behind eyes too (outside). Leave thread behind eye for now.

3. Flip hook over and tie in few strands of flash locking down just behind eye. (I fold it in half and bend over thread.

4. Tie in small pinch of yellow polar fiber
(still behind eye and inside hook bend).

5. Move thread to front of eye and tie in good pinch of brown bucktail. Do not move thread to back of eyes this time. If the bucktail spreads high a little that's okay. Whip finish and hit head with a coat of nail varnish. Cast to smallies and watch em leap!

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