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Wes 12-24-2001 12:51 PM

Recently hooked
Hi everyone,
I'm new to this board, hope it's ok if I barge in. A couple weeks ago I took the 6wt out on the yak and got my first schoolie on a fly. Now I'm hooked. I have no other fly rods, I think I should be looking for an 8-10 wt. Any advice/thoughts regarding entry level equipment? I will probably be using it from yak a lot but certainly would want something that would also be suitable for jetties and surf since it'll be my only SW rig for a while.

Adrian 12-24-2001 01:12 PM

Welcome Jim!

8 to 10 wt will cover most eventualities up here. Some folks find 10wt a bit tiring so 8 or 9 may be the way to go. I use 9wt for just about everything. Try a few out before you commit yourself.

If you can make it, sign up for the casting clave in February (I think??). Last year we all brought a variety of rods in different lengths and weights to try. You'll find a really helpful and fun crowd. Also, Capt. Todd Murphy is a great casting instructor!

If your planning on fishing from the Yak most of the time you might want to consider a 9.5 or 10ft rod. The extra length will be useful when you're so low down on the water. I won't get into models of rods - there are loads to choose from. If you go back through the gear section of this site you'll find lots of opinions about different manufacturers and what constitutes value for money.

striblue 12-24-2001 03:20 PM

Welcome Wes...Glad to have another member.

Wes 12-26-2001 09:35 AM

Thanks guys,
I probably do need to try gear out, hadn't even considered that 10 wt would be noticably heavier to cast. That's probably an important factor when yakking, I've noticed yak gains considerable weight after an outting sometimes.
P.S. Adrian, I'm the other Newtown guy Joev mentioned in an earlier post.

Adrian 12-26-2001 03:06 PM


That's great! I'm looking forward to meeting up with you and Joe early in the season. Counting the days now but still not finally decided on which Yak to go with:confused:

I would expect things to start happening down south by March. However, I read a report by Steve Liesman taking a 28 incher off New Rochelle on Christmas Day!

Wes 12-26-2001 04:15 PM

Yeah, they're still out there. I don't have the gear so I'm off the water for a while. It'll definitely be fun hooking up in the spring, it's great to yak in a small group and safer.
Yak choice is a tough thing, lot's of SOT guys out there, the Pungo people are pretty devoted, too. I'm in the small minority of guys in sea kayaks.
Good luck.

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