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mayflyman 12-15-2001 11:34 PM

POLL: Fly-rod actions
What do you use most?

juro 12-16-2001 07:36 AM

MFM - I've added two actions to the poll, progressive action which is really not tip, mid or full.

Couple comments: I don't equate tip-flex to fast action. I also don't equate stiffness to fast action as many do. I might be all wet but I consider fast action the ability of the rod to generate high line speed with reasonable effort on the caster's behalf. This is a function of loading energy into a blank and unloading that energy when the stroke is abruptly stopped, not stiffness per se or the flex point near the top of the blank. If a rod is too stiff it won't load up and thus won't unload what it can't carry over to the forward stroke.

There is also traditional Spey vs. fast-action Spey, European style two-handers (overhead), etc. - different poll.

Eddie 12-16-2001 06:57 PM

Terms like "tip flex"(an orvis exclusive) or "traditional spey-action"(a Sage invention) are really just marketing blurbs to easily describe something that is not so easy to describe. Powell catagorizes their new rod only as "fast". Abel's reference to the casting character of their rods is "sensitive tip". These are not very descriptive terms. They are kind of subjective in fact. I think that the Abel SW. rods are powerful, but more brutish than sensitive."What the hell does that mean!"
Taper descriptions are a little better. "Progressive" vs. "Compound" vs. "Parabolic", but even those easily defined categories don't tell how a rod will respond to a given line weight. Some rods feel under lined, or need to carry a lot of line out to feel properly loaded(to me). Others seem to collapse when pushed too hard. Ever cast someone's favorite rod, and say, "huh?".
Juro's point about line speed is good, but we have all seen people who can break the sound barrier with a "slow" action rod.
Its funny, because in their catalog, Sage doesn't even bother to describe the action of their RPLXi. I suppose that's a good thing because Juro's and my 3 Piece 9 foot nine weight RPLXis have noticeably different actions. We both love 'em. Go figure. Personally, I like a compound taper rod with a soft tip and a stiff butt for my floating and intermediate lines, and a progressive taper with a heavy tip and a stiff butt for shooting heads and teeny lines. I think that the manufacturers call both rods "fast". Reminds me of the guy in front of me at Starbucks this morning,"I'll have a Grande decaf mocha frapachino with three shots of espresso and soy milk."

Dble Haul 12-16-2001 08:30 PM

The types vary for me, but most of my rods are medium action. It seems to suit my casting style and my long arms can stay relatively free of fatigue after hours of fishing.

Again, good topic. :)

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