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striblue 12-12-2001 10:24 PM

Crease Flies
Just got back from First light and did my first crease flys.. I picked up a kit that gives you all you need to make them...$13.00 without hooks.. But they are not as easy to make especially with a srew up with th glue. The patterns can be place on the sticky side of the foam. I wil bring i to te tyin clave.

FishHawk 12-13-2001 05:57 AM

John I would like to learn to tie a crease fly . I don't think its that difficult. L tried one n*my won and used some glow in the dark pearl tape on it . I have seen on the net that one can use model airplane Monocoat as the overbody on the foam.

Sprocket 12-13-2001 12:37 PM

John, FHawk - regarding the kit, was is the Blados kit? If so, a source on another board (and also someone I've tied with a few times) has indicated that hot glue guns work well with the foam included. Worth trying if you've got one already...

Looking forward to trying them myself after Santa make his visit!

striblue 12-13-2001 01:17 PM

Sprocket, yes it is the Blados kit.. My only real complaint is I don't like the super glue that is included in the kit since it commits you on any mistake. If you apply the colors to the side after you have glued the pieces it can screw up the sides. I think I will try with Goop instead.

doug 12-18-2001 12:31 PM

Just as a FYI....
American Angling in Salem, N.H. has the kits @$14-15 hooks included.
Doug B.

Sprocket 12-18-2001 12:49 PM

doug - thanks for tip on American Anglers - one more reason to get my butt up there, maybe this weekend

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