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juro 12-12-2001 12:53 PM

Washington Trout - A Break for the Beardslee
The Beardslee Rainbow is a truly amazing example of what nature can do given a chance to do her magic. These lake rainbows grow to over 20 pounds with regularity, and in the most beautiful setting you could ever imagine - Lake Cresent on Washington's Olympic Peninsula. Recent evidence that populations are on the decline have prompted Washinton Trout to urge for angling closure. The regulations were modified to reduce harvest of these magnificent, slow-growing indigenous fish as a compromise.

If you've ever stopped in the Fairholm General Store and looked at the corkboard of polaroid photos of Beardslee trout, caught on chinook salmon sized Jplugs on downriggers in this 600 foot deep glacial jewel of a lake, you'd have an appreciation for just how unique these native rainbows are - but not in the sense of dead fish pictures. It was time that we adopted less exploitative ways to celebrate these incredible trout, or leave them be to regain their historic populations again. The new regulations support this need to care for this unique strain of giant rainbows.

timwatts 12-12-2001 06:38 PM

Thats a shame Juro. The similarities between the Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon is interesting. The description of that lake and it's unique Rainbows. Sounds just like Sebago Lake that once held unique Landlocked Salmon that grew to twenty plus pounds before we started managing it.

juro 12-12-2001 07:40 PM

Tim -

Great to hear from you - hope your conservation activities are going well. Don't hesitate to recruit people - I know I have been wanting to lend a hand to you and your brother even if it means I won't be able to talk about some of the spots :tsk_tsk:

I've camped at Sebago years ago, what a beautiful place. I had no idea that the landlocks reached that size there - must be related to the population of rainbow smelt? I'd be curious to hear more about the Sebago salmon. If you have any reference material on the topic I'd be psyched to learn about it.

It's a shame we have to talk about these places in a past tense, I hope it's not too late for those places that still exist.

Look forward to some fishin' with you this coming season.


timwatts 12-13-2001 04:58 AM


For some history on Sebago check out click on Sebago history lots of good info there. Thanks for offer to help out. I would like to put up a website this winter focusing on the upper Taunton River and it's tribs. Something simple were I could put some photos up with some history,conservation and restoration info. Some advice on that would be a great help. By the way, looks like we may get the dam off the Satucket River sometime next spring or summer.

juro 12-13-2001 08:37 PM

Sounds great! If you aren't already getting donated hosting for the Upper Taunton site from someone else then you can count on us - your own unique domain etc.

Just let me know, it will be good to contribute something to your efforts.


steeliesonafly 12-30-2001 08:42 PM

Cresent Lake
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Hey Juro,
When I was stationed in Port Angeles, Washington. I used to go up and fish the lake. It was beautiful back then. This was in the sixtys. Loved the area, but didn't get to fish it much.. Did most of my fishing on the rivers and sound. Still love the area, and that is why I am planning on coming up there this summer!

juro 12-30-2001 09:40 PM

Reg -

Most years I visit the PNW in the fall, but this year it will be in spring. I have a family trip down south to the islands in the fall this year. I'm sure the great folks of this community will hook up with you to show you around though, wish I could do it myself but I will be making the usual fall trip next year.

My family stayed at Crescent Lake almost every year. It's really an amazing place, one of the most beautiful lakes anywhere and some gorgeous rivers right around the corner too. Enjoy your trip.

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