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pmflyfisher 12-12-2001 06:19 AM

New PNW Steelhead Fly Fishing Books
I am looking to add to my collection fly fishing books this christmas.

My wife allows me to but one gift on my own.

This year it will be a new PNW fly fishing book on steelhead.

I have most of the older ones: Trey Combs, Lani Waller, Helvie etc..

What new books have come out in the last couple of years which would advance my knowledge of the PNW rivers and techniques?


juro 12-12-2001 11:28 AM

Good question! I will go look through mine and let you know, although they are probably the older ones. I'll let you know just in case you may have missed the oldies but goodies.

I'm sure the PNW gang can let you know about new ones from what they see on the shelves.

Deke Meyer's is an older reference style book, pretty good:

I also found this book interesting because of my affinity for summer fish:

Don't have this one (yet) but I will:

Man! What have I been missing...

Never mind... here's the WHOLE PAGE from AMAZON.COM

Wow, you've reminded me that I need to get some presents for me too ;-)

BTW - I got the Bates book on atlantic salmon fishing last year. There is a lot of valuable and pertinent information for steelhead in it. I especially like the content on Syd Glasso, the famed fly tyer from Forks WA. I give it a 10 on the scale from 1-10.

pmflyfisher 12-12-2001 07:25 PM


Thanks I have the Arnold book on Floating line steelhead, not bad would recommend that one.

The North Umpqua and summer steelhead fishing book look interesting though.

Did you ever fish the North Umpqua ? Now that looks like a real challenge to me.

I got like 1300 hits on amazon for fly fishing books.

Any good new books on spey fishing ?

pmflyfisher 12-14-2001 08:09 AM

Also have the Deke Meyer book which I can now reread after 5 or more years of not looking at.

I like the new Federation of Fly Fishers pattern book. Went to my local Borders yesterday and they had it. 2000 copy right, awesome looking book, all types of patterns.

Salt and fresh most species, etc....

Looked for the new North Umpqua book but did not see it there. Will be going to my local fly fishing shop today which may have at

Any opinions out there:confused:

juro 12-14-2001 02:18 PM

The Hugh Falkus Book is a must, if you can find it in the US

pmflyfisher 12-14-2001 02:27 PM

I will see if I can find that book a good challenge.

I wonder how many minutes on the net it will take ?

andre 12-14-2001 02:35 PM

fine & far off, by "jock scott"

out of print, rare book sellers only.

roballen 12-16-2001 12:06 AM

i'd be looking for Bill Mc Millians book "Dry Line Steelheas and other subjects" although no longer in print i know for a fact that The Madison River Fishing Company has 2 copies in stock
Haig browns works are also important to read. "A river never sleeps" is a great place to start but you should read them all.

Then after two other r books i'd consider are the are the two Trey Comb's books.

finially Micheal Baughmans book "A river seen right"

These books represent in my opinion the finest works on steelhead fly fishing. They are the dream of the crop get these books before looking for anything else. Thats my opinion anyway.

The Deke Meyer and Bob Arnold books they just don't do anything for me and perhaps thats why i never bought copies of them.

Remember everything you read in a book is only intended to guide you!! for the greatest possible personal satisfaction lean not just methodoligies but learn how to think about the river, the fish and their enviroment. Don't just take peoples tactics use their thought processes...

pmflyfisher 12-16-2001 12:20 AM

Yes agree on all your points. T. Combs and Haig Brown steelhead books are excellent. Deke Meyer and Arnold books are so so. OK I guess but left me somewhat disappointed.

A classic I highly recommend is Greased Line Fishing for Salmon and Steelhead - Jock Scott, Introduction by Bill Mcmillan. Copyright 1982 - Frank Amato Publications - Paperback.

Now I really learned somethings from this book. If you are into dry fly or greased line steelhead or salmon this is a must book for those people.

Also Lee Wulff - Salmon on a fly. Another classic from a master salmon fisherman, very applicable to steelhead fly fishing also.

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