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mayflyman 12-02-2001 09:50 PM

Favorite dry fly pattern style.
What is your favorite dry fly pattern style?
1. traditional
2. thorax
3. parachute
4. wulff
5. no hackle dry's
6. cut wing dry's
7. extended bodies
8. hair bodied
9. poly wing spinners
10. other

Hawkeye 12-03-2001 08:13 AM

I love seeing a trout take a dry in fast and rough water so I'll go with a wulff pattern which does well in those conditions. I also like the salmon fly - don't know where that fits in the poll - for the showy rise they get.

Dble Haul 12-03-2001 08:29 AM

While I can appreciate the take of a Wulff in fast water, most of my dry fly fishing is done on slower runs and slicks with smaller flies. For this reason, I prefer the parachute style for its incorporation of a visual aid. Sometimes I even tie them with a hot pink or chartruese post for low light. The fish don't seem to mind.

Mayflyman, you might earn the title of "Site Pollster". Good topic! :cool:

mayflyman 12-08-2001 07:57 AM

Favorite dry fly
I like the extended body fly, mostly because of the Michigan Caddis (a.k.a. Michigan mayfly) hatch... The extended body lends itself well to this hatch. :)

pmflyfisher 12-19-2001 09:16 PM

Oh yes fond memories of being lost in the Michigan woods at midnight during the Michigan Hexigenia Limbata May fly hatch (aka Michigan Caddis). Some great laughs and memories from the few times I have fished this hatch in Michigan. Got lost on the Ausable's South Branch Mason Tract, one night with my buddy. We made the mistake of taking a few brews with us to a section of the river we never fished before. Thank god we were smart enough to mark our path with pieces of toilet paper every 20 yards or so through this thick underbrush or we would have been stranded there all night. Took us a while to get back to the Bronco. We had a good laugh that time and were eaten alive by the bugs. This is a very dense area of forest on this section of the Ausable River. Quite an experience dry fly fishing in the pitch black to big trout on the rise. Recommend it for at least one time experience for all serious fly fisherman, to put on your life time fly fishing achievements. I mean just doing it, not necessarily catching any fish during this hatch. You have to hit it right as the hatch moves up the river almost every day. If your are on the wrong section of the river, fugehdaboutit

Merry Christmas:devil:

SDHflyfisher 10-29-2002 05:50 PM

love all of the above the above but love to fish the most traditional way possible specialy since i love to fish the catskills.:confused:

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