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beach betty 07-10-2014 12:41 PM

acklins island trip advice
my husband and I are planning a trip to acklins in the next year. he will want to fish all the time - guided and DIY - and he will want a really good guide. I will want to fish about half of the time, then kayak, swim, read a book, etc. we both love remote, rustic places, but like good food.

we are deciding between staying at salina point bonefish lodge or fedel's place - acklin's outback fishing lodge.

anybody have experience at either place? any recommendations?


MartyG 07-13-2014 08:24 AM

Just looks up posts from Vince and his DIY groups. Lots of pictures and trips reports.

juro 07-14-2014 09:52 AM

I haven't stayed at Fedel's but am a multi-year Acklins veteran. I believe Fedel is up in Pestel, which is on the north end of the island - Felton Rolle is at Salina where we stay, and he is an amazing cook. Food is outstanding.
The lodge is beautiful, facing Salinas Bay. We had the best luck when brought up to the incredible flats to the north around Roker's and Felton will point you to the 'secret' spot.
He provides a vehicle to get up to any part of the island, including Pestel where you can fish with Fedel.
There is a small restaurant in Lovely Bay where you can arrange for a lobster dinner with conch fritters and a Kalik or two that you won't soon forget.
The island has grown a lot since my first visit, but the bonefishing is primitive and pure. I will go back soon, probably this winter.

GMflyfish 07-15-2014 10:29 AM

Beach Betty,
Some years ago I stayed with Fedel (two trips) near Lovely Bay at the north end of Acklins. He was a very good guide I thought, from my limited experience. Accommodations and meals were quite adequate. Trips were in March I think - maybe not the best time of year.
Also stayed once with Felton at Salina Point - the first year it was open for business. That was mostly unguided DIY fishing where we were taken by boat to various spots. Without a guide my catch rate was significantly less. Meals and accommodations were fine.
The main road running the length of the island was littered with potholes, but I think that has been since improved. The road into Feltonís place was close to impassable but that may have been improved also. Felton may have kayaks available for use. At either location there is little to do but the fishing.
Things may have changed since my trips. All excursions to Acklins have been enjoyable - except maybe for the bug bites from tiny sand fleas or something.

Vince 07-19-2014 05:30 PM

Acklins is a wonderful place! Fedel is a exceptional guide, and he will get you into bonefish.

It's hard to beat Ivels as a place to stay on the Island. It's centrally located so you can explore all of the island more conveniently. It is modern and immaculately cared for. The owners have a food business in Nassau, so they never run out of food supplies, which is common at other places on the island.
They have well maintained rental trucks too.
They recently completed a gazebo on the water to relax and enjoy a cocktail.

I've never stayed at Felton's place or Fedels place, so can't comment on those. Of course I am biased towards Ivels, as I work with them.

Wherever you stay it will be quite an Unforgettable adventure.

The view of Ivels from the flats
http://www.cattarauguscreekoutfitter...mingoes_01.JPG photo courtesy of Jeff Miller

Swalt 07-30-2014 06:41 AM

I have fished Acklins a number of times including Salina Point a couple of times and do not have much to add on it that has not already been said. I really enjoy the fishing experience there. With the boat ride you can get to some of the best flats on Acklins in a short amount of time. Felton can also arrange for a guide.

That being said and considering what you are looking for I would consider Greys Point. It is located high on a hill over looking a beautiful bay. A great place to sit and read. Kayaks and a canoe are provided and you can kayak the bay and not lose sight of the lodge. There is also excellent fishing in the bay for DIY or guided fishing. They have some of the best guides on the island and will fish the Lovely Bay area as well as the bay the lodge is on. Also the Newtons are excellent hosts and the food is as good as anywhere on the island.

Acklins is a beautiful wild place but any place you stay on Acklins you will not be located on a beautiful sandy beach. Be prepared to use insect repellent when not on the water.

My 2 cents.

turneffeisland 08-05-2014 02:02 PM

A little funny
I was about to post but then I realized this is not about Acklins in the Bahamas

beach betty 01-12-2015 06:42 PM

Trip Report
We just got back from Acklins where we spent a week with Fedel and Erika at The Acklins Outback Fishing Lodge.

We did a half guided / half DIY package and it was great. I am a total beginner & my husband is a little more advanced & we were able to catch a good number of fish. The weather was sunny and windy most of the time, but we had a couple of calm days (or parts of days). Fedel put us on the fish when we were out with him & the flats just behind his house were great when the tide was right. I think I will always remember the first fish I spotted, caught and landed totally on my own - what a thrill!

The food was delicious and abundant, the hospitality lovely. We basically shared their home with them, so it was very intimate. Not for everyone, but we really enjoyed the opportunity to learn about life on Acklins.

All in all and wonderful trip & I am glad we chose Fedel.

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