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mayflyman 11-27-2001 11:22 PM

Shark fly
I'm curious, what would a shark fly look like?
Just an enlarged fish pattern, or does it have to be blood scented before using?
How long is a shark fly and what size hook? 5/0; 10/0?
Got any pictures of a shark fly?
I never seen one. (fly, that is)
What is the target shark for sport fishing?
Lemon shark?
Sand sharks?
Just wondering about this extreme end of fly fishing.
I'm sure a wire tippet is in order too.

Adrian 11-28-2001 06:23 PM

I've found that any large fly which pushes water will get their interest if they're in the mood. To be fair, I've never gone out to deliberately target them which is probably a pity since they are no pushover unless they're chummed and in a frenzy.

Dble Haul 11-28-2001 08:52 PM

In the Gulf of Maine, some extreme fishermen go after blue sharks with chum flies. The fish are worked up into a frenzy like Adrian talked about, and then a big, fleshy looking fly (5/0, about 10" long) is thrown into the mix and dead drifted until Mr. Shark comes along and chomps down. Most of these blues are small (under 4 feet) and are easily handled on a 9 to 11 weight outfit.

There were a couple of daring souls who tried to get a mako on a fly. Same situation as the blue sharks, a huge (8/0, about 14" long) chum fly was used, but the makos don't take to the chum as readily as the blues. In fact, the sometimes come to the chum slick to feed on the small blue sharks that are there! And makos are much larger, measuring hundreds of pounds and catapulting out of the water during a fight on conventional tackle, so I can't imagine what would have happened if those guys had connected with their 12 weight. :eek: Talk about grabbing a bull by the horns.

Roop 11-29-2001 06:41 AM

In the Keys, we hooked into a couple of lemon sharks with crab flies.

We also poled up to a few that were asleep on the flats and dropped live crabs on their head. Had to eventually poke them with the rod to wake 'em up.

juro 11-29-2001 08:50 AM

A good bet for the mako challenge would be Art Burton Jr, son of ArtB aboard the "Mako Bound". He specializes in finding them, but whether you land them or not is entirely up to you :eek:

DFix 11-29-2001 09:15 AM

And if my memory of what the venerable Father says of the Son, he's a crackerjack at his craft.

IMO the large Grocery type flies do the job, tied 6/0 or bigger, at least 8". Shark have been known to be a bit indiscriminate and take all manner from green/pink/white deceiver style to "hey, are you awake???" tarpon and squid colors. Last time I hooked one it took a 13# piece of six-way beef on a .250 dia. welded treble, trolled about the fourth swell back of a military vessel in the North Atlantic :eek:
(pissed off a Chief Cook until the Skipper heard about it and demanded the crew be fed fresh seafood :cool: )

topwater 12-01-2001 07:23 PM

i'm no expert, but have fooled with blue sharks a couple times.

the first trip we had great calm conditions which aided in spotting the sharks behind the chum and allowed up to really dead-drift the chum flies well. the second trip had 25 knot winds which made spotting any sharks impossible and we didn't hook any one flies.

when the first sharks showed up on that first trip, we hooked one on a FT clouser tied on a 5/0 gami hook... after that though we couldn't get any grabs on streamers and or poppers. what worked best was tossing some chunks of mackerel and then following the chunks with a red and yellow marabou chum fly on the same hook as above (i didn't palmer the marabou, just tied it down on the top and bottom of the hook shank alternating between red and yellow. we hooked 3 more that way, with a couple grabs as the chum fly just trailed behind the boat (not dead-drift).

i'm sure in the future i'll play with some of the larger flies being talked about, but thought i'd mention some smaller flies (at least in length) that worked.... but maybe there's some difference in east coast vs. west coast sharks and/or their feeding preferences. the size of the chum flies i was using might be similar to some of the large winter-steelhead patterns.


artb 12-03-2001 06:56 AM

:) I am trying to post, having a problem. One thing to remember is that one has to let the fly drift back in the slick, as makos will not hit when you are striping the fly in. It has to be a dead drift. When you have the indoor casting clave I will have to bring some video, and pictures of shark fishing. :) Quit while I am ahead

juro 12-03-2001 07:18 AM

Art -

Thanks for the info on mako on a fly... makes me shiver to think about it. Did you see those salmon sharks out in the northwest? Close cousins for sure.

Hope you are recovering well, sent you an email about your posting snafus. Let me know what's up and maybe I can help.

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