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Dble Haul 11-27-2001 03:07 PM

Clear floating line?
I'm wondering if there's any truth to the rumor that there is or soon will be a clear floating fly line. I heard this from two separate and reliable sources, and they seem to think that it may be the new Cortland 555 series.

Any input? Inquiring minds want to know. :rolleyes:

sean 11-27-2001 03:14 PM

I was just about to post about this...

Yes there is a clear floating line in the 555 series coming out. I am just trying to figure out its best uses.I don't think it would be all that good for one who does a lot of mending as seeing the line in the water may be a problem.

But it would definitely kick arse for sight fishing.

Still undecided on if it will be better than any of the colored floaters though...


linesides 11-27-2001 05:35 PM

Monic has had one out for a couple of years. I've heard good things about it overall but in some cases the trout anglers I talked to said they didn't like not being able to see the line.

To Sean's point it sounds like it would be great for skinny flats fishing provided you didn't have too much current to deal with.

What weight line are you thinking of?

Dble Haul 11-27-2001 07:18 PM


Originally posted by linesides

What weight line are you thinking of?

I didn't have any particular line weight in mind. Rather, I was sort of thinking out loud and wondering how limited the niches would be for such a line. I agree with both you and Sean that the uses where mending is a necessity call for a visible line. I guess that I'm just marveling a bit at how far technology has advanced our sport, even in just the past couple of years.

Being the gadget guy that I am, I'll probably find a reason to get one and give it a whirl. :)

NrthFrk16 11-27-2001 11:18 PM

I am seriously looking forward to the new Cortland 555. I am big fan of Rio and SA but I think Cortland may actually have an excellent product here.

I wouldn't have a huge number of uses for it as most of my dry lien fishing is done for steelhead with a long bellied WF such as SA's Steelhead Taper and Rio's Salmon/Steelhead (which will not be avaliable in the 555) but the floating capabalities of the new 555 and the coating will make this an excellent line. The 555 is less dense by alot...I know thats a crappy way to describe it but I dont remember the exact measurements off hand
I got the chance to parking lot cast one a few weeks ago and I must say I was impressed.

Shipping will begin after the 1st of year.

Adrian 11-28-2001 06:46 PM

Sign me up for this one!

Definitely a great boon in any sight fishing situation. I used a floating line quite a bit this past season for striper fishing over water up to about 10ft. To get down deep I just added a 10' fast sinking tip looped on. Cast like a bitch but, fine for down & dirty work with a weighted fly, faster & lighter than carrying spare spools/reels and very effective. ;)

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