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Dble Haul 11-26-2001 08:29 PM

Year end goals
At the start of every fishing season, I set out a small number of goals that I would like to achieve during the upcoming season. They don't necessarily revolve around numbers or size of fish, but some do. I realize that there is still over a month left in this calendar year, but the fishing is over for many of us and thoughts are turning to next year. Before setting goals for next year, I want to review those of this past season. Mine were as follows:

1. I wanted to catch a smallmouth over 16" on a fly. I had caught many, many of these fish up to 14-16", but seemed to plateau at that level. My goal was achieved in late July when a 16.5" smallmouth took my popper at sunset. Didn't break it by much, but the goal was achieved.

2. I wanted to get a barracuda on a fly during my honeymoon in Saint Martin. The barracuda weren't cooperating, so our guide took us out to do some blue water chumming. Yellowtail showed up, and then an occasional wahoo. I got three takes from three separate wahoo, and landed the largest. It wasn't the fish that I had originally wanted to catch, but it wound up being the fish of a lifetime (5/0 red and white whistler on an 11 weight).

3. I tried to get out west and chase some cutthroats, but it just never happened. Time, money, work......they all conspired against me. This goal will probably carry over to next season, because I have never taken a cutthroat on a fly and would love the opportunity to do so.

Those were the three things that I really set out to do. If I had not achieved any of them, it wouldn't be the end of the world. I fish to relax, and putting undo pressure on myself would have been a real drag. But it's nice to try.

Anyone else meet any personal goals this past year? Freshwater, saltwater, tying, travel? Anything? Please share. I'm very curious. :rolleyes:

Hawkeye 11-26-2001 10:19 PM

This harkens back to a thread in January where we stated our goals for the season. Mine were:

A 40" plus striper
A bonito
Shark on a fly (contingent on a boat purchase)

I was 4" short a few times for goal #1
I made goal #2 a few times over
As far as I know I never even came close on this one but not for lack of trying.

33% hmmm not so hot but they were tough goals for me and so even one is meaningful. Anyway it gives me a head start on setting next year's goals. :)

Eric 11-26-2001 11:21 PM


After all these years (too many) I'd sure like to hook, let alone land, a twenty pound steelhead. Every year since 1976, when I moved to Ory-gone, this has been my goal. As far as I know, the largest fish I've hooked I have landed, and none have reached twenty pounds.

I'm retiring this year (well, that's what you call it when they eliminate your job and you've got enough years in, I guess) so I'll be able to fish more and perhaps realize a trio-decade long dream.

Petri wine,


juro 11-27-2001 10:03 PM

Scored a few, blew a few -

Hoped to:

Spend more time chasing ocean coho - scored!
Spey cast for steelhead in the PNW (annual goal) - scored!
Get better at Spey casting each year - questionable
Catch a tyee (king salmon over 30#) on a fly in the salt - nada
Fish the Maine/New Hampshire bronzeback fishery - nada
Attend an earlier Bonito Conclave to find more bonito - scored!*
Explore Annisquam near Gloucester, MA - scored!
Explore Essex Estuary - nada
Hit Nauset over the sand 4x4 - scored! (17 times top to inlet)
Get down to North Carolina for big albies - nada
Fish more for trout - nada
Get up to Margaree on Nova Scotia for Atlantics - nada
Keep the Flyfishing Forum alive and well - scored (thanks to all!)

* unfortunately the other tunoid species were in short supply!

Those were my hopes, my dreams went far beyond those :D

Consequently I was able have great pecentages with steelhead, catch more huge stripers than ever before in a season, and over all have a banner year on the water I won't soon forget. The experience was drastically enhanced by the freinds I've met through our growing online angling community.

Hey, let's set our 2002 goals in January so we can go back and see how we did after the season passes.

NrthFrk16 11-27-2001 11:39 PM

Hmmm...I never really set and goals in stone at the begining of the season but I was determined to make some trips out to the Olympic Peninsula last winter/spring. Which I did, but not nearly as many as I would have liked plus I really wanted to make it out to the West End OP for summer-runs which I never did.

Wanted to explore the SF Sky for summer-runs. Found some water below the falls but none above. :(

Salterwater coho to the fly...mission complete! Thanks to Juro and DoubleSpey. Hooknose to the fly...mission failed!! :( Managed to hook 'em but yours truly here could not land them.

I keep searching for steelies with the surface fly with the goal of getting one to hand via the surface fly. Failed but recieved a great primer from Juro.

I've already got some goals in mind for next year. :)

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