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mayflyman 11-23-2001 08:14 PM

Casting in the wind.
What is the best method for casting a large fly into the wind?
I use an Orvis 9-wt Silver Label (9'8") with a WF-9-F Wonderline.
We were on the break-wall of Lake Erie near Conneaut, Ohio and I was having a heck of a time dealing with the wind. :(
I tried casting side-arm; roll-cast; two-handed, I then tried double-hauling and that seemed to get me a little more distance, maybe I need to look into shooting heads for my system...
Under less formable conditions, a 60+ foot cast with heavy flies is easy for me, but I was facing a brisk Canadian wind head-on.
Any suggestions?

RayStachelek 11-23-2001 08:58 PM

If its possible, try a sink tip or full sink line. Throwing a floater into the wind has more air resistance than any other lines. The cross sectional area of the line has to be increased to lessen the density of the line to float.

Keeping the cast as low as possible to the waters' surface might help as well. You'd be surprised what a few feet of air height can make as far as wind speed is concerned. Sometimes you might get a little lift from air currents playing with the surface waves. Usually on the salt, I never try to take the wind head on. This quickly balloons the line and fly. Usually I try to make the cast at 15 degrees from the perpendicular.

One over looked area is fly design. Some larger flies can indeed be cast better than others. Try some synthetic materials like angel hair that cling when wet, but expand greatly in the water. Any material that will cling and expand tied in the high tie fashion for a larger profile will work.

Eddie 11-24-2001 07:16 AM

I try and scoot the cast under the wind. Tightening up the loop is really important. Don't cast during a gust and wait for a lull(amaze your friends with this skill), and don't expect to shoot a ton of line in a brisk wind. Use the surface disturbance to get a little closer to your prey. Soon you will find that the hardest cast is with the wind on your right. Ouch! I think I'm bleeding.
Oh, pinch down those barbs. Fear destroys your cast.

Dble Haul 11-24-2001 09:13 AM

Mayflyman- I actually use the wind in my face to get a nice back cast that loads the rod well, then shoot the forward cast low to the water's surface as suggested previously by Ray. This seems to be the best answer for my situations in the wind. Good luck.

mayflyman 11-24-2001 05:44 PM

Casting into the wind.
Thanks everyone, I'll give all of these ideas a try.
It sounds like great advise.

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