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MartyG 01-27-2014 09:46 PM

Trip Report - Eleuthera 1/12-1/22
Overall nice weather starting in the low 80's for daily highs with wind from N-NE changing to SW with cold front passing through on day 5. Some rain followed but soon turned to sunny days in the low 70's. Low tide on Atlantic side on day 2 was around 11:00am. Full moon was in phase.

The good news: finally, repeat, finally caught a tailer on Savannah Sound. 4 fish nosing around so I threw a #6 chartreuse clouser in there, short strip, and hook up. It was a nice 4-5 pounder. Also hooked up a cruiser on same fly throwing it right on top of him and stripping right away. So nice getting some good fish the first day so I didn't have to worry about getting skunked. Wish I could carry a second rod there with something shiny for the barracudas when the tide gets high. I almost always see a 3.5 footer cruising up around the corner. Not to mention the small sharks but I don't know if they like the same flies as cudas.

Rock Sound was successful as well. Not really interesting from a visual aspect but this was about catching fish.

A couple of days were overcast and a bit windy so I went north and visited Spanish Wells for the first time. Walked 40+ blocks in search of a cool place for a drink and lunch and ended up at the Ship Wreck which was very near the spot I landed on from the water taxi. It was a nice diversion.

Took a friend to Harbour Island as well to break the trip up and have a nice lunch at the Blue Bar at Pinks Sands Hotel.

George Clooney and Gwyneth Paltrow had a wrap party at Tippy's the week before I arrived. They filmed a movie partly on Club Med Beach.

Very relaxing trip and look forward to going somewhere again before it warms up here in April.


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