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pteronarcys 12-01-2013 07:03 PM

What is your favorite hook for Bonefish flies?
I have decided it is time to change hooks for Bonefish patterns (at least my smaller flies). What hooks and model do you use and rely on? I am curious if there is any consensus on the best Bonefish fly hooks.

I have used Dai Riki model 930 hooks for my Bonefish flies for years and have caught numerous Bones on them. Dai Riki hooks are reasonably strong and not too expensive. However, on a recent trip to Christmas Island I noticed the size 6 hooks bent on some of the relatively larger fish, while the size 4 hooks were less prone to bending, some still deformed. I checked the drag setting and also had the guides do the same, so I could rule out too heavy a drag setting. My guess is the smaller wire diameter, quality and tempering in the Dai Riki size 6 hooks leads to a hook prone to bending. I need to tie my Bonefish flies on hooks I know will hold up.

JR SPEY 12-02-2013 09:39 AM

It depends upon the pattern and size, but most of my flies tied on #4 or smaller are tied on Gamakatsu SL45 bonefish hooks. They look like large trout fly hooks, but are amazingly strong. Since #4 is as large as they come, I use Gami SC15 and the Daiichi X452 for larger sized flies. Both are very strong and sticky sharp right out of the package. I also tie a few patterns on the Gami 60* jig hook (forgot the name on that one.) Unlike some, I don't really much look at the price of the hooks. Some terrific hooks approach $1.00 apiece these days. However, when you factor it into the entire equation of what a bonefish trip costs it's just not worth worrying about it.

juro 12-03-2013 07:20 AM

Well said... I'm with Jr Spey on price/performance philosophy. I've also had good luck with Tiemco stainless SW hooks. I use the 811s when a lighter wire is ok, and the 800s for heavy wire applications... but like the Gammys, Daiichis, owner, and several others.

For tailers, I will even go to a light, bronze freshwater hook for the softest possible landing and it's dramatically reduced my spook offs. The fly is either washed thoroughly or discarded (it's a simple tie that drives them nuts, fortunately).

Man, I am getting some bonefish jones as the weather turns frigid.

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